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2011.11.24, 05:48 PM
Hey guys.

Been whoring eBay over the past few weeks and am in 2 frames of mind about upgrading the rear end of my MA-010. At the moment my Z is all stock as I'm still waiting on parts to come in from eBay, but I want to upgrade to read end and I've seen 2 possible options. The first is just replacing the stock rear end with an aluminium rear or putting the atomic SAS adjustable shock rear end on. My question is! Will the SAS adjust shocks fit on the ma-010? & if so is it worth getting over the aluminium or even stock rear end?

Thanx guys.

2011.11.25, 06:11 AM

2011.11.25, 07:14 AM
First of all the Atomic SAS is designed for the MA-010.
I have Atomic AWD SAS Pro V-II.
Now it has a new version - V-III (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37012).
You can look around in the forum for info about SAS Pro V-II. There is a setup thread too.
My opinion is that it is pointless for drift setup.
For race purposes it is a good suspension. You get all the adjustability in one package - camber, toe, shock position, down stop etc.
The car becomes more stable at the rear end. Definitely improves the grip.
It is a little bit tricky to setup properly though. The plastic shocks are not so good and hard to adjust.
My SAS has a little bit unwanted slop in the suspension arms which I couldn't get rid of.

Things to note - The V-II version can be used with ball diffs only, V-III can be used with stock diffs too. It comes with braces for 94-98mm wheelbases. Need to purchase additional braces to have 90-94mm wheelbases.

That's it.
Once again - search for the SAS threads on the forum.

2011.11.25, 11:42 AM
You might want to check the kyosho independent rear set up as well. The biggest problem with the SAS rear is the shocks. Highly recommend the aluminum shocks.

2011.11.25, 02:45 PM
Cool thanx guys. The only reason why I bought a drift Z is because it was ready-set and less then half the price of some of the other AWD's that I saw and thy only came as the chassis with no transmitter or body. I have all intensional of using mine for bothe drifting and racing. Unfortunately in Brisbane there's no mini-z race meets so I'm refined to the comforts of my own home... Until its quick enough to take to the 1:10 scale track down the road :). I know most of the hop-ups that I do won't be necisary but I like to do them for kicks. I've been into rc's since I got my first Tamiya TL-01 and I enjoy modding anything that I can. :)

2011.11.25, 03:03 PM
If you need the aluminum shocks I have 3 brand new sets I will sell cheap

2011.11.26, 05:59 AM
I've driven mine Z's on 1:10th scale asphalt race track.
The MA-010 with XSpeed V motor and geared up little higher = Full speed all the time. No problems to take turns at full speed.. soo wide.. And overall the car was very slow compared to the bigger cars on the track.