View Full Version : Dead ASF board?

2011.11.25, 04:46 AM
Got a used asf board as part of a larger deal.
But it will not light up at all.
It did however light up when I tried it yesterday. Only to go black as I hit the trhottle.
I did manage to get it started again after a while, but again giving some throttle killed it imidiately. Did this a couple of times.
Now it wont start at all. Even with no motor connected.
What do you think? Fried FET? Fried everything? Or am I just too stupid?:)

2011.11.25, 05:21 AM
Possibly a contact problem at the power wires or a dead trace? How are the solder connections to the board?

2011.11.25, 05:34 AM
Well. It was just me beeing stupid:)
The +wire was ripped.
Thanks for helping out!

Now I have to search for sollutions to kt18's. At low throttle it goes into reverse. No problem when binding the same car to my ex1-ur.

2011.11.25, 05:37 AM
hmm... try adjusting throttle setting... :D

2011.11.25, 06:12 AM
Not that stupid:D

2011.11.26, 05:27 PM
if its a well used kt18 the end stops on the pot get worn so allowing it past a certain point

2011.12.01, 10:00 PM
dont expect much life out of a kt-18.

2011.12.02, 12:51 AM
Try your luck with Kyosho, they MAY just replace it for free. If not, try adding some buffer to decrease the max end point physically and then recalibrate it to max out a little bit sooner.