View Full Version : hey maukarunner

2002.07.30, 03:33 PM
i got 3 of the mini-z motors SE's on order. if you want, you can split with me the cost for one and its shipping. laters. b

ps. i took first in the A main at the sandy flemings micro race this past saturday. pretty fun, but my car sucked. it was not set up for the dusty surface. maybe next month i can get it dialed in better. (and a new top secret motor should be in by then) if i get it set up, you will have to see it.

2002.07.30, 04:16 PM
email me the specifics. I'm going to check out a Matrix XRS today after work. I sold the Hachi on Sunday and gotta prep the Tacoma to sell too. Thanks

2002.07.30, 06:15 PM
yeah, it comes out to $23.99. i'll let you know when it comes in. laters b

2002.08.06, 01:56 PM
Did they come in yet? LMK .


2002.08.06, 06:39 PM
hopefully soon. i also ordered 2 of the bad boy motors that require a turbo if you want one too. if not, my friend with the vitz will definitely take that one. b

ps. i ordered 2 vitz bodies as they are supposed to be being discontinued. (according to a japan shop) interested? i think they come out to $22 shipped. silver and a blue one. BUT silver is mine (unless i decide to race with a blue one as a team w/ my friend at the races). i am gonna run the low mount motor position like PITZON? is running. just gotta put a foam bumper on the back. b

2002.08.06, 06:40 PM
i gotta wait til after i get the taxes done in sept before i get my IS3. b

2002.08.06, 08:01 PM
Picked it up last Tuesday. It's so fun. XRS, 6speed, 17" rims

You getting a IS300? I wanted one until I sat in it. Feels like an Integra maybe even tighter. No rear seat space. Wouldn't mind a GS but they are too expensive and no stick shift. Hopefully Lexus wises up and follows BMW and gives a stick to the mid size cars.

Oh interested in the Vitz, check your email

2002.08.06, 08:17 PM
emailed you back.

who cares about back seat space. that means no riders. :) yep, 5 speed is new this year. dammit, now i gotta dish bucks for tv's and dvd crap. b

ps. my GF is really thinking hard about a cooper type S. i told her i would cover half. but it had to be the S. know anyone at bmw/mini for the hookups?