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2011.11.27, 11:24 AM
i was running my 03 early today with a CTP 70 turn in it. i ran this set-up all day last weekend down in reading pa with no problems, actually it was running great. now today i ran maybe 2-3 minutes and the car just stopped no forward no reverse.
i put in a pn 70 turn in thinking maybe something was in the motor. still no power, tried another factory stock motor just to see and again no power.
I took the top cover off to see if anything smelled burnt or looked burnt, i didnt see anything so im kinda lost as to what it can be.
maybe 1 out of every 10 throttle pulls it will wind up to full speed then slowly work its way down to nothing even while on the throttle
any help would be appreciated

Thank You
Justin W

2011.11.27, 11:27 AM
typically its due to a bad motor, but since you tired other motors, you may wanna see if you can try another board

2011.11.27, 01:45 PM
thats what i was thinking although i really dont want it to be that i cant think of anything else

2011.11.27, 02:32 PM
had similar problems a couple of times
try re-binding the car
also check the wires my o3 board had very poor soldering from the factory ,both dry joints and wires that barley miss each-other