View Full Version : MOTORS and BUSHES, or lack thereof...

2002.07.30, 05:02 PM
Hi there. From what I've read on various forums the difference between a STANDARD motor and an X-SPEED are:

- Stronger magnets on the X
- Less turns on the X
- Metal bushes in BOTH ENDS of the X, while the STANDARD makes do with a plastic bushing at one end. Right?

WRONG! The STANDARD also has metal bushes in BOTH ENDS. Opened mine today and cleaned it. Why hasn't anyone else ?

2002.07.30, 06:58 PM
I asume you mean bushings, not brushes? ;) big difference. My stock motor is just a total plastic endbell.. no metal bushings... i'd sorta rather have the plastic any way, for a short life motor.

2002.08.01, 02:38 PM
Ah, anyway, what I meant to say was BUSHINGS.
And here's the pics I took.

Outside view of endbell...

2002.08.01, 02:39 PM
The INSIDE view

2002.08.04, 11:48 AM
I have like 4 stock motors and one x-speed.
I haev taken them apart for cleaning and such and all the stock motors don't have any metel bushings in them just plastic. My x-speed (and my friends) have metel bushings.
just FWIW

2002.08.04, 04:59 PM
Does SOME standard motors have metal bushings, and some not?
I guess I'll have to open my friend's motors to find out what's up here...

Anyone else who's opened their motor and found TWO METAL BUSHINGS?

2002.08.04, 05:27 PM
Perhaps it's the real difference between the Japanese Mini-Z's and the Chinese (cheaper) mini-z's...

2002.08.05, 01:13 PM
And the battery lid says "made in Japan"...