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2011.11.28, 11:28 AM
Well, I'm thinking about getting an awd mini-z and then turn a spare bedroom into a drift course.

My dilemma is this: price, price, and finding a cheap rtr.

So, I cant help but to wonder if these tiny little cars are actually worth the $. Ive had xmods in the past and they were, well, junk. These mini-zs' being the same size makes me a bit apprehensive about getting one.

I've been into larger, 1/10 scale rc for a LONG TIME, and i dont expect that kind of performance, but I am curious about whether or not I can do lipo and brushless upgrades to these. I am also looking at the cheaper Losi Micro Rally which is awd and completely customizeable.

Info on these little cars pertaining to the above inquiries is appreciated. I'd love to have one, but I'm starting with a used one if I can find one.

Thanks in advance, hopefully I'll be sticking around!!

2011.11.28, 12:23 PM
Being from multiple scale RC background I'd honestly admit that I have more fun with mini-z's than any other class (1/10th nitro, 1/10th VTA, 1/10th F1 and 1/10th SC). The tuning that you can do is on par with bigger classes so you can make a fun, race friendly 1/28th scale car.

The cost can get high depending on your wishes for performance at any price...

Depending on what Tx you use for 1/10th you could feasibly look for an MA010 in chassis set format...that way you can have 2.4Ghz and use your own transmitter (with a module specific to mini-z)

I'm not much of an AWD guy (or drift for that matter) but I'd say for the fun factor it's definitely worth the plunge.;)

2011.11.28, 01:27 PM
Comparing your X-Mod to a $100+ dollar LOSI is totally unfair. The Losi is hobby grade and is far supreme in handling and tuning abilities, and precision.

By the same token, comparing the Losi to a MiniZ AWD is totally unfair as well. The MiniZ has larger aftermarket parts support, more tuning options, more body options, more precise handling, better electronics, and a higher price tag.

If you've used high quality RCs in the past, you will not be happy with the AM offerings from either car. If you consider swapping either to 2.4, then they are getting closer in price, but the Z still remains the more precise machine.

I drift both of them in my store, which has a large expanse of smooth tile flooring. I can hold longer drifts at a higher angle with the MiniZ, as the throttle and steering input are more precise. I can hold long drifts with the LOSI, but not with much angle, and I see it being even harder when not having a long run to get the car sideways. With motor options you can make the Z AWD as powerful as you want and be able to break traction controllable just with throttle input. My Li-Po LOSI has enough power to break traction (I converted it to a Z motor and gearing), but the electronics are like an of/off switch and there is barely any ability to feather the throttle to keep the drift going. If it's not a full speed drift, it's not happening.

Check out these miniZ drifting videos, for more skilled drifters.



These are just two quick ones I pulled to show you the control you can have on a circuit with a drifting miniZ. I don't see this precision being matched with a LOSI vehicle.

2011.11.29, 04:50 PM
Thanks for the replies and info. Guess next step is, anyone know where one can be had for $100 or less? I don't mind fixing one, going to upgrade eventually anyway.

2011.11.30, 04:47 AM
$100 would be a long shot for a 2.4GHz (also known as ASF) Mini-Z AWD. I've seen about $130 or so once in a while for a good one, and once you get that, you pretty much don't need to do anything else to it except get plastic tires (or even cheaper, tape the tires with electrical tape). Good luck on your search, the Marketplace here is a good place to look along with RCTech (stuff gets sold CHEAP there) and occasionally eBay.

2011.11.30, 07:35 AM
I just bought an rtr AWD z drift from eBay for $180 including an AM transmitter. I've got heaps of mods coming in the mail and so far with the mods I have put on it it has only gotten more enjoyable. I used to race 1:10 but found they were "too big" for my liking. So I down graded in size, but to honest with you. I have just as much fun. If I want to drive something fast, I also own a haiboxing springbok X wich cost me the same price as the mini z and is a 1:18 truggy based off the duratrax mini quake. Only everything on the springbok is already modified with aluminium parts, oil shocks, rtr & even a brushless 380 motor that will push the car to 55kmh in a matter of seconds.

Mini z's are a heck of a lot of fun. My main problem is there's nowhere where I live to race them on a regular basis.

2011.11.30, 07:59 AM
i have an awd 2.4 i would let got for 120 shipped if your in the us. all it has is the pn aluminum spacers to move the rear back to 98mm. let me know if your interested and i will get you some pics