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2011.11.30, 02:47 PM
Okay so I know how to pair a car but one of my modules will not pair. After the process when you turn the radio on the LED on the module comes on then turns off and just flashes off and on every 3-5 seconds. The car has a dim LED and flashes of then bac on as well. I was able Ro successfully pair the car to a different module and I also tried the faulty module in another radio and the same results.

Is my module bad?


2011.11.30, 02:52 PM
you're holding the button on the module down before turning on the TX right?


push button, hold it,
turn on TX.
wait for light to go out.
when light goes out release button
light will illuminate, but will be dim.

Push pairing button
turn on car
release pairing button.
turn car off
Turn TX off

Tun TX on, Turn Car on. All should be good.

2011.11.30, 03:23 PM
When I turn the radion on after holding the pairing buttons the radio led does not stay illuminated and does not pair.

I was able to pair the car on a different module and raidio as well as the same radio that I initially started haIving problems with.

I can pair the cars on two of the three radios I have. I'm just wondering if anyone has had the same issue of the last step of turning on the radio and it doesn't finish pairing with the car.

Thanks For the response Brian.


2011.11.30, 03:45 PM
By the sound of it you have a duff module. :(

2011.11.30, 10:17 PM
By the sound of it you have a duff module. :(

Yeah I'm thinking so. It's strange because it's just that last step of turning on the radio and finishing pairing.

Is there a reset for the module?


2011.12.01, 05:45 AM
Afraid not,it has to be returned for replacement.