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2011.12.02, 12:55 PM
Ok, very cool but what the heck? That price is completely insane.


Compare it to this (yeah slightly bigger) but still 2.4 Ghz and RTR also:


Just for reference Kyosho is out of their minds in the plane world also so it's not just Mini-z stuff. I've yet to see anyone with any Kyosho plane here in the U.S. as they are just out limits on pricing.

I might consider doing some racing with either AM only Mini-z's which I still have or we get some Losi kits of some type but I think I'm done with crazy Kyosho.

2011.12.02, 03:15 PM
I just got an HPI Blitz and I'll have that fully decked out, lipo and brushless for what the new buggy costs.


Kyosho is still top of the line quality and the prices usually dip a bit within a few months.

I don't really mind the RTR prices, IMO... the prices of the aftermarket parts has risen in greater proportion. Either way, I do agree that if they lowered their retail they would only increase their sales. It always felt like this scale is always on the edge of breaking out into mainstream, but never seems to get there and the initial price-point may be the cause.

Overall, I'm sure there's more RC racers out there with less-than-10th-scale Losi's, Traxxas' and HPIs gathering dust in their collections because the initial cost wasn't so frightening.

Always tough to convince someone to buy a toy (I'm sorry... well tuned sporting equipment to some) they can fit into their hand for more than $200. There's always going to be more percieved value in size alone.

I'm sure the quality is the major factor in pricing, but I would think that once the line has been running for a while, it would be in their best interest to drop prices to get more of the typical LHS impulse consumers into it.

It seems to be time for Kyosho to at least try something like this:

Less price = more consumers = more racers = more potential

I know going from 10th scale to these years ago, the low costs were a huge factor, now it seems about the same as other scales.

I prefer Kyosho for the quality and durability, they are in a class all their own! And of course the obvious scale issue of being able to run in my own house.

2011.12.02, 03:33 PM
wow.. amain has gotten expensive... I found a place that has it for way less.

2011.12.03, 12:30 AM
A Main is where I get most of my 1:8 scale nitro buggy/truggy parts. The free shipping, rewards program and constant coupons keeps me coming back. Currently coupon code JJDPP1125 will get you $25 off plus free shipping (USPS Priority) and you get points you can redeem later for $$ off coupon. I don't think they have been selling Zs for very long. Currently they don't stock alot, if any, upgrades other than Kyosho. Looks like they want a slice of everyone's pie. A Main is a monster that even my LHS has trouble competing with.