View Full Version : MR-03 Stock Racing ?'s

2011.12.03, 12:57 PM
What can be done to make a brand new MR-03 LM better out of the box. We can only use what is in the box. (except bearings and tires) I won a ex-1ur radio on ebay for $125 with the module....

2011.12.03, 01:18 PM
Have you ran it yet? I would put a few laps in first.


2011.12.03, 01:48 PM
Run your bearings dry. No lube. Remove the brushes from the motor and break in/polish the bushings. Take care of any suspension or tranny binding. BA batteries like the r1wurks 750 UHOs. Bout all I can think of.

2011.12.03, 04:43 PM
Change it for an mr02.
No joke. Stock the mr02 is better then the 03.
The front suspension of the 03 is to flexible and is bad for consistency. If you are allowed to change the stock plastic parts for alu ones then its ok.
Only advantage the 03 has over the 02 is less weight, wich for the stock motor is an important issue.

2011.12.03, 10:08 PM
byebye has it correct just run it. box stock is just that stock no matter what you do only wheel time is going to make a difference. you can not remove the brushes on the stock motor so breaking them in will not work, but running the car will do the same thing. i do not agree in the 02 be better than a 03. there is a few tricks i can show you on wednesday that will help the car, but nothing is going to be a night and day change. practice practice practice

2011.12.03, 10:24 PM
I also agree with bye bye and Chad. Practice/Race time is going to be the biggest thing for any one. There is only so much you can do with our stock class, and none of them make up for mistakes on the track, and none of them gain more time than a tight smooth driving line.