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2011.12.04, 12:06 PM
Thanks to PN for their lucky draw prizes.

Congrats to Jon, winner of both Touring and F1 Modified Classes

Link to embedded videos on our news page:


Detailed Race info found here:

Touring Class:


F1 Modified Class:


2011.12.05, 08:17 AM
nice vids. was a fun day and good races. congrats again Jon!

pomme de terre
2011.12.05, 07:08 PM
Thanks to Shawn for organizing the event, Fai for filming and PN for sponsoring the lucky draw prizes. I've been wanting a foam car stand for a very long time now, so I was very happy when I won one :D

This was the setup I was running for the race, if anyone's interested. It was definitely not the fastest car there that day (that award would go to Herbert :p), but it was predictable and fairly easy to drive consistently.

- 98mm wheelbase (tried 96mm, but experienced traction rolling)
- stock board, FETs etc.
- Reflex Racing alloy top cover
- ~0.75 gram of weight added to center tunnel on underside of chassis (thanks Santino)

Ferrari 360GTC
- wheel wells drilled out to fit 98mm wheelbase
- front splitter/lip trimmed, leaving ~1mm left
- window under roof was cut away
- front raised ~2mm for clearance and back lowered

- Atomic 19mm wheel (narrow)
- +1.5 offset
- Atomic 20mm wheel (wide)
- +1.5 offset

- Kyosho 30 deg slicks
- worn down from one prior weekend of racing
- Kyosho 20 deg radials
- worn down from one prior weekend of racing
- Route 246 tire tape (this tape is amazing… no more folding/rolling of the tire sidewall like with other tapes)

Rear End
Reflex Racing 94-96-98 adjustable wheelbase motor mount
- set at 98mm
- set at lowest ride height
Reflex Racing medium FRP T-plate
Reflex Racing disk damper (from multi-option rear end)
- Oil: none (attracts too much dust)
- Top Spring: medium
- Bottom Spring: hard
- disks & plate were sanded using very worn 600 grit sandpaper
PN Racing dual spring center shock
- Springs: silver ones it came with
- Preload: none

Front End
Reflex Racing adjustable front end
- Type: long kingpin setup, with stock arms & pin
- Springs: standard PN Racing MR02 white springs
- Camber: 0 deg
- Caster: 0 deg
- Roll Center: raised 0.8mm (using MA010 shims)
Ride Height
- PN Racing lowdown knuckles
- 1 thick + 1 thin stock plastic shim

Handout PN 50T… didn’t do much to it (probably why it wasn’t especially fast), except:
- “broken in” for 5 mins at ~40% throttle
- oiled the bushings
PN Racing 64p light weight ceramic ball diff
- Spur: standard one that comes on the PN Racing 64p ball diff
- Pinion: 13 tooth (64 pitch)
- set as loose as possible (right before spur would slip)
Reflex Racing ball bearings

Peak 900, Atomic VP800

Total weight was ~177 grams. I was down to 176.xx grams after a few qualifiers (tires wearing down?), which was the reason I added 0.75 grams of weight.



pomme de terre
2011.12.05, 07:54 PM
As for F1, this is the setup I ran and have been running for the MC3 F1 Points Series (except for the points series I've been using an X-speed).

MF010 SP1
- came with an ASF board
- black SP chassis
- Mantis V2 front bumper (with stock nose/wing)
- transponder mounted internally where the crystal would go for AM F1's

- Kyosho 30 deg (grooved)
- worn down to slicks from several race weekends
- Kyosho 20 deg (grooved)
- worn down to slicks from several race weekends
- Route 246 tire tape

Rear End
Route 246 alloy motor mount with disk damper
- set at second lowest ride height
- Oil: none
- Top Spring: hard
- Bottom Spring: hard
Kyosho rear shock
- Spring: stock
- Preload: 3x washers it came with
Kyosho carbon fibre suspension plates
- Side springs: none
- two screws closest to motor mount on chassis side were removed

Front End
Kyosho yellow (hard) springs
Kyosho stainless steel kingpins
Route 246 alloy knuckles
- Camber: 1 deg
Kyosho plastic tie rod
- the one with the most toe in

PN Racing 43T motor
Kyosho ball diff
- Spur: stock one
- Pinion: stock 8 tooth
- set as loose as possible (right before spur would slip)
Kyosho ball bearings

Peak 900, Atomic VP800

Controller Settings
I don't usually use any special settings with the MR03, but I do with F1...
Dual Rate
- 85% (the F1 has too much steering as it is)
Throttle Punch
- Forward: 50%
- Reverse: 30% (to help with that damn reverse delay)
No other curves or anything

Total weight of the F1 was ~210 grams the last time I checked... so not light be any means. No weight reduction has been done besides aero bits falling off the body from crashes :o

Some old pics: