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2011.12.05, 02:30 PM

Forgive me if this question has been asked and answered before. I dont have much right now to browse the forum.

I decided couple of weeks ago to have some more fun with mini-z instead of fixating on performing in races. So i got a mini cooper S body and decided rebuilt my mr03 to a narrow HM car.
everything went ok, motor pod and so, only thing I am having trouble with are the front springs. I use the stock plastic arms and when I install the springs the are touching each other. Even to the extend that they get hooked up into one another. Obviously this will give me horrible front suspension.
Does any else have this problem and how do i fix it?
I cannot switch to aftermarket stuff like long kingpins because iwant it to be race legal for our club.

Also I am not 100% sure I used the mr03 springs. I could be mr02 a arm springs but idont see a difference in diameter in any of my springs.

Thank you

2011.12.05, 04:17 PM
The MR03 springs are definitely smaller in diameter than MR02 or A-arm springs. I run many narrow front end setups on MR03 and have only run into this issue when using the RR adjustable tower bar with more than 2d camber. At that point, the arms hit eachother, before the springs touch... I think you are definitely using the wrong springs, borrow some from a friend or get new ones, and it should remedy the problem.

2011.12.06, 01:20 AM
MMmmm then I wonder the hell my springs went :p
I got this car second hand couple of months ago bu i haven't realy driven it yet.
There was an A-arm setup installed on it, so guess Itook those springs instead of the MR03 ones.
I'll order a new set then.

Thank you for the reply!

2011.12.06, 10:29 AM
Ok i found the stock mr03 springs and they are smaller in diameter, but longer.
No more touching problems. Guess I need a new set of mr-03 springs.

2012.05.11, 12:31 AM
Can you use aftermarket springs at your club? I would suggest getting a set of springs from Atomic or PN with different stiffness options, it only runs for a few bucks. At our local track we usually run slightly softer than stock.