View Full Version : cutting antenna wire?

2011.12.06, 04:52 PM
my mr-02 has a flexible wire antenna. can i cut id down and use a kyosho solid antenna?

unearthed name
2011.12.06, 11:02 PM
is that a 2.4 ghz antenna?

and why you want to change into a solid wire antenna?

2011.12.07, 02:12 AM
unless you were planning on using a 2.4 ASF board, i would not suggest you cut the AM antenna on the mr-02, may result in sluggish response, steering glitches and such.

2011.12.18, 11:54 AM
You missunderstand. What i have seen on AM cars is a ant.wire with a eyelit attacched to a ant.mast. my car has a long wire wrapped around the ant. Mast. Can i cut the wire down and juat attch to the bas of the mast like the others i've seen?

2011.12.18, 12:07 PM
Yes you can