View Full Version : ASF Top Plate Compatibility on Stock AM

2011.12.06, 08:00 PM
Does anyone know if the ASF top plate will work on the AM chassis? I am going to upgrade to a 2.4 in the future and one of the screw holes on my stock top plate that holes my damper in place is stripped. Instead of buying a stock top plate and then buying the ASF when I upgrade, can I buy it now and continue to run my car AM?



2011.12.06, 08:39 PM
The ASF top cover for an MR02 comes with the ASF areas taped off so....yes. You can use it for AM and when you swap out the electronics the RA18 board can fit in no problems.

2011.12.12, 12:34 PM
Bought the asf top plate and it worked out great. Thanks.