View Full Version : Raceday December 18th in Reading PA...

2011.12.07, 12:54 PM
We'll be racing the 18th of December, 10am to 5pm.

If you have any questions, PM me or post here.

2011.12.13, 08:32 AM
Going to put down the HFAY BTE layout for this Sunday... I just hope we get at least 4 racers so we can submit results. I would guess that F1 is out for us but we can obviously run Stock and Mod. Hope you guys are ready for the 10 minute Mains! :D

2011.12.13, 09:26 AM
I'm in for the stock class I believe. No mod motors or competitive f1 for me

2011.12.13, 11:42 AM
I've got a few Mod motors... I'm not running anything more than a Speedy 07. Heck, an Xspeed would give enough speed for this layout to make it Mod-worthy.

2011.12.13, 12:58 PM
From my understanding the only thing you have to have for stock is a miniz body( no pan car or lexan body) and a 70t motor correct

2011.12.13, 02:18 PM
Right, PN 70turn or a box stock motor (allowed to be drilled for mounting), 4 AAA nimhs, no foam tires, chassis and ESC must conform with each other (open fets)...everything else can be modded. I do think you can run PanCar bodies too, if I recall correctly.

Mod is completely open from what I remember... you can run anything as long as it fits in 1/28th scale. Lexan bodies are permitted too.

2011.12.13, 02:24 PM
Well hopefully my pn motor gets here in time as all I run are the CTP 70t

2011.12.13, 02:26 PM
Rules are on the new site... click on "manual":


I have a bunch of PN 70turns... not a problem.

I'm pretty sure the CT 70turn is not allowed... I will verify.