View Full Version : Anyone tried the PN Radial7 rears?

2011.12.10, 08:01 PM
How do these perform compared to radial6 or parada6?

2011.12.11, 03:12 AM
How do these perform compared to radial6 or parada6?
on our track
it is just a little less grip than the rrr06 and more grip than the rrr08
for me in gt mod it is about the same as the parada 6

2011.12.11, 03:39 AM
Just ran my first pair tonight. They are, as Grant said, a little looser than the radial 6's, but still enough to run GT Mod with on a warmer day. Today was cold, so to keep the rears hooked up I had to loosen the rear diff a little bit to spin the diff before the tires spun.

Once the tread wore off I noticed a sizable decrease in grip (also, it was getting colder and colder tonight), so it would be prudent to groove these tires once the tread is out if you're running in cold weather. It'll help keep the rubber compliant and generating heat.

2011.12.11, 02:47 PM
Thanks for the input.
So as far as I understand, they are a good alternative to the rad6.
Any other suggestions to alternatives?