View Full Version : February 11, 2012 - HFAY S13 Race 2

2011.12.11, 06:44 PM
This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2012.02.03, 07:34 AM
just a reminder, next weekend, not this weekend :) h&k is running this weekend at their iverson mall location. i can't race every weekend so i won't make it.

fyi, there is a very good deal on an ex-10 helios transmitter in the marketplace here for any of the guys getting into this and wanting an affordable upgrade to the kt-18 and don't want the red 5ur. it's actually cheaper than a new 5ur, highly recommended radio at the selling price.

anyone trying out something new? i ordered the pn 93-102 mount and hope to try that out at various wheelbase lengths on my f430.

i've ordered the giro-z timing system (without bridge). i am working on getting a nicely made bridge from the mini-z dojo guys in MI. it's on order so i doubt it will make it here before the 11th but this will allow us to run real managed races via z-round. we don't HAVE to use it as we will continue to have core/flipside but it's a good option to have when doing events vs. HFAY. most of us already have transponders due to attending other locations that use giro-z but i recommend those new guys whom plan to stick around and have fun, to pick one up. we have a transponder sign up post that should appear toward the top of our forum list.

i have another surprise which some already know about but i'll announce that one once i know it's shipped. it's been ordered though:p

i want the new guys to be aware that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun with the group. we can recommend the minimal upgrades to keep everyone within the same speed/performance range for the most part and you won't get too many snears:p from crashing, some are more testy than others but it's to be expected so don't let that deter you from participating. we generally bracket by experience so the grumbling is at a minimum.:p
the cars are not cheap by any means but well worth the investment for the entertainment they provide. there are always good deals to be had on used gear as well so if your looking for anything in particular, just ask. chances are one of have something or know of someone who does or where find it.

we always enjoy getting new drivers and i look forward to continued participation.

Mike Keely
2012.02.07, 05:57 PM
Thanks for the post about H&K. We will be running at Gary's garage this Thursday and Sat. We have a lot of new guys starting so there is good compitition at all levels now. It anyone is wanting the info on the track please PM me. Hope to see some guys there. Thanks MK

2012.02.07, 06:01 PM
Where is iverson mall? Is that the other place in temple hills? The only new things I've tried lately are the kyosho inner tube shock set for MR03 and the atomic Teflon disc and with good results.:D. Wanted to try the precision gear diff but didn't act fast enough. I also encourage the new racers to not be discourage at the track since I'm one of the grumpy racers.:o

2012.02.09, 09:07 PM
Going to try and make race with noah. Anyone have a pn carbon f430 gt plate they want to sell?

2012.02.09, 09:20 PM
I bought the m0.5 gear diff's and a 64p spur to get around the 64p selling out so quickly but have not installed it yet. I'm going to try the 599xx this weekend and wanted to get that change behind me before moving on with the new diff.

2012.02.09, 09:45 PM
I was thinking of doing the same thing but trying to hold myself to a budget. Seth I think I have one but not sure. Have to do some digging.

2012.02.10, 12:39 PM
Thanks Bill. I thought I had one somewhere but couldn't find.


We are still using the core loop for tomorrow, correct? I should be there with minion and will bring flash drive

2012.02.10, 12:52 PM
correct. giro-z hasn't shipped yet and still working on a professional bridge for it. if that falls through i need to make a trip to home depot for pvc channel and metal rods.

i'll be testing the new pn multi mount on the 599xx... concerned about the pressure being placed on the motor against the pinion with the holder as designed but some time on the track will tell me all i need to know.

2012.02.10, 04:04 PM
They are calling for a rain and snow mixture in my neck of the woods, is the weather going to prevent anyone from showing up tomorrow? From what I gathered it's not supposed to amount to anything or freeze.

2012.02.10, 04:07 PM
those of you toward the mountains will likely get something. the rest of us i'm sure will just get a rain/slush mix. i plan on coming unless i wake up to a skating rink or 3"+ of snow.

Mike Keely
2012.02.10, 05:59 PM
Where is iverson mall?

For you it is about the same distance. Where you got off of the beltway to go to Gary's track you would go inside the beltway instead and it is about 1 mile in on your left.

2012.02.10, 08:17 PM
Seth and I plan on racing tomorrow. See you at the store.

2012.02.11, 07:47 PM
GREAT turnout today! ended up with 11 drivers!

thanks to everyone for making it a very enjoyable day. sad to see the old track go but the new track arrived today and i will be dropping it off sunday hopefully. if i can't make it this weekend then sometime next weekend.

looking to unload a mini-96 with expansion pack and wide turn kit. i was told politely not to set it up again:rolleyes: (someone has dibs on this but waiting for response)

glad to have found the bug with flipside missing laps. turns out when the min. time was changed for the BTE, it was saved altering my preconfigured settings. after fixing that, worked like clockwork again.

picked up the lazer buggy to;) not sure what i'm going to do with it but it's fun to play with.

courtney said he will be getting the mini-z moto in. while very cool, not sure i want a new controller just for the bike. he seemed really jazed to race those.