View Full Version : March 10, 2012 - HFAY S13 Race 3

2011.12.11, 06:45 PM
This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2012.02.11, 08:33 PM
bringing this to the top of the list....

this will be our first race on the new track. please be aware there is going to be traction issues as we will need to adjust our settings to the new tiles. i'll make sure it gets vacuumed properly before use. hopefully someone will get some practice time on a monday to set it up and tell us how it feels before HFAY weekend.

here you can see the color difference. it looks more like fresh laid concrete vs. asphalt.

darker cars have a contrast to the track indeed making them stand out a bit more.

you can see the grain is identical to the normal tiles. infact, the grain direction appears to be more consistent on the tiles i've looked at so far. you can clearly see the 30cm tile grain is angled in the previous picture.


what i'm also curious to see is how break in will wear on the new tiles. will we begin to see drivers lines where repeated travel occurs? while this exists on the normal tiles just as it would on the special edition tiles, we would actually be able to see them now. personally, i think that may add a cool bit of realism to the track.

2012.02.12, 03:28 PM
ok, dropped off the track today. it's all there for any Monday practice.

Mike Keely
2012.02.12, 08:07 PM
So I take it that you will not be doing the BTE's anymore or did you get enough for the BTE's?

2012.02.12, 08:17 PM
new track is 3 wide l with wide turn kit so we are still good for any BTE tracks. All we were missing before we're the wide turns and now we have those as well. I don't plan on purchasing any more track unless absolutely required for maybe another 4 years. It's a lot of money.

2012.02.16, 07:34 AM
did anyone setup Monday? courtney said he would try to get someone to put all the rails on as that is a time consuming process.

so, i think i'll stick with the 599xx for a bit. i liked the way it drove despite not being as nimble as the f430. it does handle the rails better but i shouldn't be hitting those anyway.

does anyone have a digital scale that is convenient to bring to the track? i've found a cool looking scale that is cheap but rounds to the nearest whole gram which i assume the competition guys won't like

2012.02.16, 05:39 PM
I think they did start putting rails on, dont know if they set up the track. I shoyld be at the shop for a practice day before the next hfay so will check

Did you need scale for enduro or are we checking weight next month.

2012.02.17, 11:22 AM
If your talking about bringing a scale to HFAY races? If so I always carry a scale in my pit box, whether the batteries are charged that's a different story.:o if your talking about the enduro race, sorry can't help you. If you can get to a harbor freight they sell nice scales there for cheap. Thats where I got mine from. If not let me know and I'll get one for you.

2012.02.17, 01:25 PM
i'd like to have something for club use. i'll check some discount stores this weekend. i'm sure there are appropriately sized kitchen scales that are cheap. i don't want everyone to use yours because inevitably, it will be damaged or broken.

2012.02.17, 02:51 PM
See me tomorrow at the track. I have what you need.

2012.02.29, 12:03 PM
just a reminder, not this weekend but the following...

2012.03.03, 06:25 PM
i picked up a cen-tech digital pocket scale for the club. this will be used for all official weights.

2012.03.05, 07:03 PM
Noah and I should be there. Going to try and get there early, not sure how much of the track has rails. Have not gotten to a Monday practice so track may still be brand new. What timing we using?

2012.03.05, 07:39 PM
still haven't received the giro-z yet. still need to build a bridge for it as well.

turns out i will be out of town this weekend, have to fly out west for business so i'll need someone to collect the results for me. i'll meet up with everyone for the 18th.

2012.03.05, 09:47 PM
I think Noah will have company; i will be taking a late flight out on Saturday so i will be at the race and Julien, who's Noah's age, will join me. See you all on Saturday,


2012.03.06, 01:36 PM
man, i'm going to have to see if i can't get my kids back into racing. they each have an mr-02 (am).

2012.03.08, 01:19 PM
I think Noah will have company; i will be taking a late flight out on Saturday so i will be at the race and Julien, who's Noah's age, will join me. See you all on Saturday,


Sounds good, he's excited. Should be fun and going to let Noah run my old mod car Saturday. it will be HFAY legal by then

man, i'm going to have to see if i can't get my kids back into racing. they each have an mr-02 (am).

You should. Think mine will be more into it if there are others their age

2012.03.10, 07:11 PM
As expected, I see there were some traction issues. Always happens with new tracks. Just need to get some races on it.

Can always swap out the bump rails with someone's grey rails. I wouldn't mind at all.

How was the grey tile color?

I'll need the results emailed to me whenever you get the chance.

How did the kids do today? Really going to try to get my kids to come out.

2012.03.10, 07:55 PM
Like most of us, the kids had a tough day today. Noah was quite unlucky and broke the slide clip on his body early in his first main. He was still able to pull a very good fast lap. Julien did not not have any mechanical issues (well, still had to replace a cracked body after practice...) but struggled a bit do to the lack of grip. He was very excited with his results; as soon as the race was over, he jumped to the laptop to check his standing. Maybe i shouldn't put that on a public forum, but i was part of that main... And if my memory is not failling me, i manage to do about 8 more laps than my very first HFAY 4 years ago.

Noah's car couldn't get fixed for the counterclock main, so he withdrew. Julien took the start, but it was already a long day for him and he did about 20 less laps then the first main.

I'm sure Julien will come back. He is already asking me when i'll repair his cracked body and keeps talking about Ian's car spinning in circle...

So Ray, no excuses not to bring at least one of your boys at next race...

2012.03.11, 01:09 AM
I keep extra bodies with me in case I break one. My kids have doubles as well so if anyone needs one in the future, just ask. Nothing worse than a dnf due to mechanical failure.

2012.03.11, 09:07 AM
It was technically a good day. Good turn out and the kids seem to have fun. But seriously arch, that track has no traction. I went from doing a usual 102 to 108 laps to 88 to 84 laps and I was the fastest. We all had traction issues. No matter what changes I made it didn't help. Seth's car kept spinning out, everyone had issues. I have had 6 wide L's 4 I got brand new and they had a ton of grip straight out the box, dusty but good traction. The new track which I have to admit is a lot smoother then the old track which was bumpy the traction on the old track is better. I don't mean to complain and be a jerk but it was like driving on ice. Unless I can set up a redo before the end of the month I don't want yesterday's times submitted. I'd rather take a drop.

2012.03.11, 12:11 PM
Maybe there is a residue from manufacturing left on the tile?

2012.03.11, 01:34 PM
We were debating on how to clean it but ultimately wanted to talk to you about it first. We vacuum it twice but it actually seem to get worse. John metioned a carpet cleaner but I would rather know what you want to do since it's your track. I think the vacuum cleaner at Hobbyworks isn't doing a thing so maybe a good vacuum cleaner will work.

2012.03.11, 01:41 PM
Think of it as a private investor for a public track. I would imagine a mild dish detergent and a hose with a broom would work. Certainly couldn't hurt to try it on a few prices to see what happens. So long as its not cut up, I'm fine with whatever needs to be done