View Full Version : March 18, 2012 - Club Race (3 Wide L Track Layout)

2011.12.11, 06:46 PM
This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2012.02.20, 09:18 PM
I hope we are still doing this!

2012.02.20, 09:23 PM
courtney said he was going to submit the letter now vs. waiting so i too hope this happens. i'd like to get full use of the new track :p

2012.02.22, 01:28 PM
It would be fun if we stretched out this race to 15-20 minutes.

2012.02.26, 09:28 AM
Not sure if i can make it but up for longer main if the race is still on. The store closes at five so as long as we have time. Will be at the shop tomorrow and will see if space rrquest was sent, dont think it has been yet.

2012.02.26, 11:41 AM
i emailed the letter to courtney again. if he fails to submit it again i wash my hands of it. :mad:

if this is still on, i would like to make the main 15-20 minutes or basically one set of cells. if you choose the wrong setup and your cells dump you need to change cells giving others a chance to catch up. makes it more interesting:cool:

2012.02.27, 11:28 AM
Has anybody heard a rumor about Hobbyworks going out of business? Heard about it all the way down here at awesome rc.

2012.02.27, 03:18 PM

lets just say, if anyone knows anything, contact me ahead of time so i do not loose $1k in club assets. but no, had not heard that myself.

2012.02.27, 08:24 PM
I hope it's not true.

2012.02.27, 09:55 PM
Haven't heard anything here.

2012.02.29, 10:52 AM
Has anybody heard a rumor about Hobbyworks going out of business?

Didn't hear that one, don't think it's true..

2012.03.06, 12:28 PM
Not sure if Courtney has submitted the paperwork yet. I haven't had a chance to stop by the shop.

2012.03.06, 05:55 PM
Should make this one w/ couple of new heads. Stay tuned.

2012.03.14, 05:43 PM
Anyone know if Courtney submitted the letter in time?

2012.03.15, 02:03 PM
if there is no racing this sunday, i had planned on picking up the track to scrub clean. i guess i could really try to get it done saturday so we could immediately try it sunday. no way i could get all of it in my small truck with rails installed though. just takes up so much more space than neatly boxed up. anyone else that could volunteer to clean some? my thought was to lay on the driveway, sprinkle on some dish soap and broom it clean and hose off and sun dry. i'm sure it can be done in a couple hours time. if anyone local has the time/space, i could help pickup/clean and return it vs. transporting it to MD and back. does HW have access to back alley space and a hose? could even do it behind the mall if possible.

2012.03.15, 04:54 PM
I am away this week-- stuck in Paris-- tough life... But i could pick the track next week end -- the 24 th -- and clean it up. I am a bit worried about this and sure would not want to damage the track... Would like a clear way of doing this as i don't want any cleaning product to soak into the track or use anything that would Damage the surface of the track. Just let me know as i would be available the week end of the 24.

2012.03.15, 05:15 PM
there are a couple threads on the topic in the rcp form.

use water bottle with or without simple green (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35793)

wash with wet cloth (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=28385&highlight=clean+rcp)

i know rcp said hosing it off and air drying is fine. i'm just trying to scale that effort up with a hose and a floor broom. we don't have to use any soap, maybe a good scrubbing with a broom (soft bristle) will be enough. i don't have time to wash each tile in a sink or wet rag wipe 3wl worth of tiles. need to think large scale and economical. i can also bring a misting water bottle to use on race day before vacuuming as well.

2012.03.15, 06:21 PM
Sounds like the use of the mall space outside the store is a no go. Talked to Cort earlier today.

2012.03.15, 06:56 PM
thanks for the update seth.

rene, sounds like a plan. give me a call and i'll be happy to help cart it around and clean it.

2012.03.15, 07:38 PM
We can always drag it down here to my shop and hit it with a pressure washer.:D also thinking about setting up track this weekend if anyone is interested.

2012.03.16, 01:24 PM
who's up for a washing party next weekend? we need a host with a outdoor space to wash tiles and a hose. we also need transportation to get all the tiles washed in a single event. i can fit about half in my suv.
i'm suggesting saturday...

2012.03.17, 05:06 AM
If you mean the week-end of 24-25, i volunteer to host the event; i got a long driveway that can fit 2 x 3 cars, can connect 2 hoses and there is garage where we can set up the dry track and test for improvement. I am located just off exit 39 of the beltway ( river road), which is about 20 minutes from hobby works. Just need to decide on the day based on weather.

2012.03.17, 09:10 AM
yep, i'll start a new thread.