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2001.12.13, 02:43 PM
Hi to all the UK Mini-Z owners. :D

I am interested to know how many of you would be keen to (help)form or join a UK based Mini-Z club effort.

Right now, you can reply to this Thread. All I am doing at this early phase is seeing how many enthusiasts will reply to this posting. If there is enough response, then we need to get in contact and get the ball rolling.

Obviously there are huge logistics involved, i.e. tracks/venues/dates/rules and so forth. Those can be addressed if/when this thing (ever) takes off!

Come on guys, don't be afraid to scratch your lovely Mini-Z bodyshells, these little babies were made for fender to fender racing :D


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2001.12.14, 06:58 AM
count me in

2002.07.04, 02:17 AM

(just to get the attention on this topic once again):D

2002.07.04, 03:14 AM
And me!:D

2002.07.04, 05:28 AM
And me:)

2002.07.25, 03:10 PM
Count me in, well me = us as theres two of us both with an F1 each. Intending on getting a street racer each very soon ...

Not sure if any of you were thinkin about a website for the UK club ... but I've registered www.minizclub.co.uk and I'm happy to host it as THE UK club page with a bit help from a few more Z addicts.

I'm based up in the North East at the very top of County Durham (about an hour from Newcastle) wheres everyone else in UK from?

We also have room for a track or two up here so looking to also get started on building a permanent or portable one, depending on how deep the pockets are.

Anyone know the best copating to put on MDF to stop the wheels slipping so much, good fun but nowhere near top speed yet.

Mini-Me-Z (and his Dad)

2004.06.11, 11:19 AM
Hello everyone,

I build my own track! Its quite nice, the laptime record is 16.20sec. Please contact me by e-mail if you want to use it. We have four F1s with a couple of friends and we get together every couple of weeks to play.

I live in Milton Keynes.

My e-mail is: psouchoroukov@yahoo.co.uk

I hope you guys check this forum....



2008.09.17, 12:17 PM
Hi I just have Iwaver02M(stock) :(
But like to get a Kyosho to see the difference (probably next month).
But I'm in Hatfield :(
So, anyone around near me :rolleyes:

2008.09.17, 12:27 PM
This is really old, but just to let you know, if you already didnt, there is currently 2 mini-z clubs set up, both running RCP track.

If you check this part of the forum and look for "Stafford mini-z racers" and "Rising Sun Racing".

I have attended both of these clubs, currently attending RSR and they both have a great bunch of guys.

Chris =]