View Full Version : August 11, 2012 - HFAY S14 Race 2

2011.12.11, 06:54 PM
This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2012.07.27, 09:19 PM
ill be at remnant this saturday to get some practice track time in :) they open at 11am.

2012.07.28, 09:15 PM
got a couple hours of track time today. HSV feels good after replacing the spur gear. i'm going to need to replace the rear tires though, wore them down pretty good today. figured out how to get zround voice setup as well so i'll get that rollling on the track pc. still need to get a better voice. the MS default sam sucks.

some more of the remnant guys are going to try to make it to this HFAY. :cool:

2012.07.29, 04:08 PM
Cool deal. Got to remember to give you those wide turns back. Had them with me last race just forgot about them.

2012.08.08, 12:06 PM
So who all is coming to the race Saturday? I would like to see a turnout like last month.

2012.08.08, 12:13 PM
talked to Gary Sr. and he has indicated he will be attending. Not sure whom will be coming with him.

very happy that we've managed to get the whole timing system situated to run without conflict:p would anyone appreciate another driver monitor closer to the pit tables? i may be able to source another, pick up a DVI slitter and long cable if worthwhile.

2012.08.16, 11:56 AM
A little late on my post but I really enjoyed the race. Great crowd and great racing. Hopefully Gary sr. and crew will make it out for the next one. And hopefully see Renee, Dwane and Marcus will make the next race as well.

2012.08.16, 01:16 PM
yep, thanks to everyone for making it another good showing.

for bill and maybe one or two more, please check your transponder cables for loose wires, etc. this could be why some had missed laps. i'll be tweaking the system settings to further reduce error messages.