View Full Version : Which mini RC next?

2002.07.31, 10:42 AM
Hi everyone

I have a mz F1 Ferrari and was that close to buying a standard mz racer but after reading the other forums I am now thinking about the mini x instead.

What do you guys think (one car only please)?

The Thunderer
2002.07.31, 12:47 PM
Well, I am currently finishing up my 2nd Micro RS4 and completely love these cars (along with my Z's). I've got a few other kinds, including the Mini-X which I haven't tried yet, but will soon.

If I were going to look into another mini-RC car, I'd wait for the Yokomo Sonic Racer. Here's a link to more info.

Yokomo Sonic Racer (http://www.tinyrc.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=56)

It looks very kewl and seems to be a HUGE step up in Mini-RC. However, since it is very new and has yet to be available, it may take some time and some HUGE bucks to get.

When I finish with all that I currently have, I'm going to look into that one.

2002.07.31, 03:01 PM
So many questions, so few answers...

Fear not, for light can be found at the end of this tunnel: http://www.tinyrc.com or http://www.yourmicro.com

So many choices, so little time...