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2002.07.31, 01:30 PM
10ft perf 2 lane 12.00
This is a 2 lane gutter material that is basically the width of a 'Z

3 ft hinged gutter gward (4.39)
this is a curved metal sheet that's 3 feet long, and about twice the width of a Z. You can place it on the left and right sides of a straight away for some interesting passing zones...

1x1 adhesive linoleum 59cents to 1.00
Well, it's adhesive linoleum.. what else is there to say?

2x4 ''mighty gripper'' bumpy grippy material
Interesting rubbery material that could make for some cool technical areas on a "rally" track.

3x5 mat with koraseal vynil backing 23.50
(just a bigger version of the next stuff, on the back of a mat)

Vynil Backing:
27in wide 2.65
36in wide 3.40
This stuff is SO cool. it's like black rubbery stuff that has long grooves on one side and a criss-crossey pattern on the other. You can roll it up, and un roll it and it falls completely flat again. Perfect for those temporary tracks that you don't want to have take space to store. You can make sections, and roll it up, then when you want to race, take it out.

sonotube 1ft x 8 ft 12.97 (half pipe!)
You can make a half-pipe or other interesting things out of this stuff. Maybe obstacles, I don't know.

galvanized sheet 2ftx8ft 11.47 (dunno)
for making ramps, stands, curves, anything. Cut peices out and bend/shape as needed. It's Galvanized metal sheeting. fairly thin.

1\8 thick 4x8 foot melamine 10$ sheet (good stuff)
This would be cool to make a corner out of, plenty of room for drifting. if you sand it down with some rough paper, it gets grippier.
7.34 unpainted (same stuff)

(for making side-rails)
1-1/4 archway plas crnr 8ft 1.97$
This stuff is cool. It's meant for doing the corner of drywall with, but this one has a perforated/cut side which makes for easy curving. It's made of soft plastic. If you car runs into this, it won't go over it, and it won't damage the car much, because it gives a wee bit. I can't wait to make some tracks with this material.

2002.07.31, 08:19 PM
Interesting rubbery material that could make for some cool technical areas on a "rally" track.

Yes! I really want to try that, a rally track would be very cool (any ideas on what to use for a loose dirt section that isn't made of real dirt or anything else that can harm a Z?), and that bumpy stuff would be such a cool surface for it. Keep us posted on whatever you end up using for your track!

2002.07.31, 08:25 PM
K, here's my problem.

There are no Z racers in ottawa that I can scare out of their holes.

I feel weird buying a Z, but never going to be able to race it with anyone.

The mighty gripper stuff is cool. it's got a checkerboard pattern of weird clothy rubber bumps... and between is just nothing. It would take some serious control to drive a Z across it without flipping or rolling.

Loose dirt... uhm...

...as long as you look over your Z and make sure that none can get anywhere problematic, you could get little beads, and arrange them in a shallow tray. If you had someone that shook the tray every once in a while to settle the beads... of course you'd probably get some that just shoot out...

hrm... maybe if you were to just to get a lot of clay from outside, and form it into a track. It'd be interesting to try... Can you buy dirt clay anywhere (non hardening stuff)... the stuff you can pack, that becomes firm...