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2011.12.18, 02:56 AM
Hi guys, I'm a total newbie to the micro RC world.... hoping I could gain friends here and get tips from the Guru's.....
I still don't have a mini-z car but is already drooling to buy 1 after seeing others play on a local mall. but i got very confused and frustrated when I tried to inquire from a local dealer, who first offered me the FIRELAP kit, as he said it's good to go package kit fit for starter like me, so I said Ok, but then he brought out the KYOSHO, first the MR-02 kit (complete set) ..... :eek: that's when a storm of ??? pourd down my mind....
and then as if he is facinated with my facial expression (dissapointment/confussion) he showed me the MR-03 kit (w/o controller)

now I'm not just confused and dissapointed....I'm getting :mad:...
mainly because of the $$$ signs attached to the KYOSHO.....

need your help to get me a good decission on which car to purchase...

should I go for the FIRELAP...
or should I go for the KYOSHO....


unearthed name
2011.12.18, 05:17 AM
Uhhhhm, where are you located if you son't mind i ask. Also, what is your main reAson to buy. Only to play around or to race. If you only want to play around, get the firelap. Otherwise get the mr-02. They're cheap and you only need to buy batteries

2011.12.18, 06:02 AM
I'm currently in Indonesia, as of the moment I dont plan to race but knowing my self, who knows if I get hooked up with it then its gonna be a different story. for now I just want to try it.

At first I was ok with the MR-02 kit but the controller turned me down, I don't like the looks feel of it. Firelap's controller looks more appealing to me. but then the retailer showed me another controller but its costly.

Sorry guys I'm just very confused here and want to start right.


unearthed name
2011.12.18, 06:09 AM
Oh orng indo, pantes ceritanya familiar. Eakakakaka. Beli mr-02 yg am aja kalo gitu bos. Nanti ganti remotnya gampang. Firelap cepet rusak.

2011.12.18, 06:14 AM
There is lots to research online. Get the mini-z. There is a much larger aftermarket for the mini-z. The quality and consistency is unmatched.

Spend the cash on a mini-z wether new or used you wont be dissapointed.


unearthed name
2011.12.18, 06:20 AM
If you want, i can help you search for the 2nd hand mini-z.

2011.12.18, 06:40 AM
@kris thanks
@unearthed name, maaf saya bukan orng WNI. Just been working here. Btw I,m currently in Batam. And only found 1 shop that supplies mini z here.

I usually don't go for 2nd hand gadgets unless its from a friend or last option.

How unreliable are firelap's cars really?

unearthed name
2011.12.18, 06:51 AM
Oh ok, are based around jakarta? Do you see the mini-z race in pluit village?

You can always go to singapore to buy mini-z if you want to.

2011.12.18, 07:00 AM
Based in Batam, just a boat ride away from Singapore, do you know which shop to go to in SG?

unearthed name
2011.12.18, 07:49 AM

go to them

2011.12.18, 09:24 AM
While the KT-18 looks rather cheaply made and toy-ish, it is far superior to any electronics I have ever bought with a Firelap. they make those their radios look good, and pack them with features, but it doesn't matter if it doesn't work properly, which has been the case with multiple Firelap radios for me.

I say go for the MR-02 as well. If you get the Firelap it is going to be disappointing, and you will not want to get interested in racing it, unless you are a gluten for frustration.

The guys from Atomic Collective will get you headed in the right direction. They have a strong core of active, knowledgeable racers, and that's who you want to talk to to find out what's necessary.

2011.12.18, 12:46 PM
+1 Mini Z MR-02.

2011.12.19, 04:30 AM
kyosho for me... :D

hope this helps...

Atomic Collective
(Shop & Indoor Racing Circuit)
13 Transit Road, Singapore 778887
Tel: +65 6456 5345

i've also been to a store along orchard road last august...
click here to go to thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36869&highlight=singapore)