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2011.12.19, 02:37 PM
We were tuning up for the HFAY BTE yesterday and just a bit before we got around to the actual Mains, my Helios tried to end it's life by jumping off of my computer desk and smashing itself onto the hard concrete floor.

Apparently my driving skills have become so poor, even my controller can't take it anymore! (I could've sworn I heard a faint scream of "goodbye cruel world!" before the sound of plastic smacking on concrete echoed through the basement)

It seemed ok... no breaks in the chassis and I figured that since the silly thing has tried to do this countless times before and survived... no problem.

Then I fired it up for the race and realised that it's apparently brain damaged. After a quick visit to the hospital, it appears that the potentiometer in the drop-down wheel is broke (not brain damage, just nerve damage... whew!) Throttle response is fine, but left and right are only at two tiny points in the wheels motion and that is either full right lock or a quick jump to left and back to right lock. :(

So... I'm figuring it's the potentiometer for the wheel that is the problem. I have it completely disassembled, except for removing the steering potentiometer. There is a nut that holds it on but it's tough to get at, plus... there appears to be some kind of bonding agent applied to it.

How do I go about getting a replacement for this? Should I just get a new drop-down? Does that even come with that potentiometer? Any help is greatly appreciated!

2011.12.19, 03:32 PM
I was told by ko propo it needs to be sent I them to be replaced. I'm sure I can be done but they were pretty adamant that it was not a easy repair. They also told me it was a free repair just had to pay shipping an wait a week.

2011.12.19, 05:29 PM
Oh, cool. Thanks!
I was extremely tempted to attempt to replace it with the pot in one of my KT18s but didn't want to risk killing two controllers.

2011.12.20, 08:03 AM
KO has a quick turn around time usually......However tis the season, and you may need that kt-18 for a few weeks so dont Frankestein it yet.

2011.12.20, 08:29 AM
The KT18 worked out ok Sunday... once I fixed the intermittent power issue, the throttle trim button sticking in the down position and the reversed throttle channel. :rolleyes:

2011.12.20, 02:59 PM
...Apparently my driving skills have become so poor, even my controller can't take it anymore!...

:D Hella funny!