View Full Version : Aftermarket Wish List for the MB-010

2011.12.21, 05:38 PM
-Graphite Shock Towers
-Molded wing.
-Teflon Coated Big bore rebuildable aluminum shocks w/thicker shafts.*
-One way center drive shaft.
-1 piece aluminum motor mount that takes different pinions via drilled mounting holes.
-Aftermarket Lazer size Tires.
-Tire Foam inserts.
-Different unpainted Buggy bodies.
-Sway bars
-Adjustable turnbuckles.

*Not sure but I think I might have bent a stock one. In any case, they wiggle loosely since there is only one bottom seal in the shock body. So they do not angle into shock at the same angle as shock body. Also causes the shock springs to sometimes rub shock body because angle isn't same.

2011.12.21, 06:32 PM
More buggy, rally, truck bodies.

2012.02.15, 03:39 PM
I just realized another area that Kyosho forgot. The Rear toe in linkages... Someone could make alternate ones that change the rear anti-squat as well as toe-in angle.