View Full Version : Do MR-03's make noise when idle?

2011.12.21, 10:11 PM
I just got my first MR-03 in the mail today! Very cool little thing. However, I think there may be something wrong: as soon as I turn on my KT-18 transmitter, the MR-03 starts making an electronic static sound. And as soon as the KT-18 is turned off, the sound goes away. The best way to describe it that it sounds like little rocks rattling around in a plastic cup. Is this normal? If not, what might be the cause?

I'm thinking it's the steering servo, because if I hold the front wheels I can feel the servo motor "twitching" in sync with the static sound.

It runs perfectly though - no issues with the performance.

2011.12.21, 10:16 PM
Mine does it too and it's almost two years old. It's not abnormal.


2011.12.21, 11:39 PM
its the servo auto-centering itself via your radios settings

unearthed name
2011.12.22, 01:46 AM
All digital servos make that sound it's not abnormal.

2011.12.22, 05:48 AM
If you realy want to get rid of it you can increase the dead band width of the steering.
But then you also take away a little precision :)

2011.12.22, 10:50 AM
Ahh, very good to know! My MA-010 doesn't make this noise so I thought there might be something wrong.