View Full Version : Diff, Reflex or Qteq

2011.12.21, 11:53 PM
Hey guys,
im debating on which diff housing to get. im looking at either the reflex ultra light diff housing or the qteq house.
what are you opinions on either of these kits.

i will also be gettin the new reflex v3 spur gear 53t.

2011.12.22, 01:34 AM
I'm pretty sure reflex ones are better.

2011.12.22, 04:28 AM
BOTH are excellent. Maybe the Reflex are a tad lighter. PN also makes an excellent diff too.

2011.12.22, 05:32 AM
You can't go wrong with either. I have booth

The reflex is a little lighter so you can probably say that it is better :rolleyes:
And on top of it it's cheaper then the Qteq, considering that kit includes the left wheel hub.

Unless you favor any of the qteq color's in specific, I would go with the reflex.

2011.12.22, 08:31 AM

best bang for buck for top level performance...

2011.12.22, 08:39 AM
I prefer the Reflex parts for a few reasons; easier setup because no spacers are needed to make things work, the are lighter and they come in black. :D

Make sure you have a bearing for the spur gear...

2011.12.22, 09:10 AM
Lighter and better value.

Both have awesome quality.

2011.12.22, 10:05 AM
thanks for all the quick feed back.
i was probably going to get the the qteq thinking it was maybe a little lighter but since all of you are saying reflex is lighter and easier to work with. well that just sold me in my book, reflex it is then.
thanks guys you saved me a little bit of money. :)

2011.12.22, 10:18 AM
You would have to modify the Qteq to be compatable with the PN gears. The Reflex parts are a perfect fit.

The newest PN and Atomic diff parts are also good and lightweight, but the Reflex are the lightest, and compatable with the Kyosho diff rings which are the best on the market. Be sure to use a little glue to hold the ring in place, as they will slip a little in the pressure plate if you do not. A tiny bit of glue is all that is needed, and you want to ensure that the diff ring is flat in the pressure plate when you apply the glue. It sounds a little complicated at first, but once you do it once, it is easy.

2011.12.22, 12:15 PM
and make sure if your using the v3 spur that the ball location is moved outward so when looking at the diff plates you will notice one side is squared off and one side is rounded... make sure the round side of the plate faces the spur on both side of the spur...