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2011.12.22, 09:01 AM
I do want the PN 86mm RM motor mount.
But I can't seem to find a disk damper system or tri damper system for it.

Do any of you know where I can get ether og these systems for my 86mm RM??

2011.12.22, 09:29 AM
There is a triangle adapter for that, and you'll probably have to shim it depending on what DDS system you get, but its possible. Now, why in the world would you want to run RM? Very unstable and atomic's 90mm MidMount is really bang for the buck.

And of course, some pictures to show ya exactly how it can work:


2011.12.22, 09:42 AM
I want to run the 86mm RM BECAUSE Porsche 934 is not 90mm....

I got the Atomic 90mm MM in the mail, but that is for some other body.
So you buy any DPS and then get that triangler thing and it fits?
Of course maybe som shiming.

2011.12.22, 10:23 AM
Ive never seen a triangle mount that worked for 86mm. It is probably possibly to fab something yourself, but there isn't a lot of room to work with on the 86mm set up.

2011.12.22, 10:31 AM
thats just what I thought to...not that much space...

But maybe do what you say and make something up myself.
This is not going to be a racer, just "sunday driving".
But I like the bling-bling so...

Thanks guys, really appreciate all the help I get!

2011.12.22, 10:55 AM
If you are using the older PN RM mount, you can use the 3Racing DPS set, which is compatable with post style RM motormount systems (like the stock mount) for 86mm. For the Atomic 90mm RM mount, it will not be compatable, and you will have to use the triangle plate as recommended above. Both methods will work well, but I think the 3Racing unit will be the cheapest way to get the job done, and it is quite effective for the amount of money spent. The triangle will work only for the 90mm Atomic mount, since the damper posts are 4mm further away from the chassis than the standard RM setups.



2011.12.22, 11:36 AM
Just to make things clear.

I already got the Atomic 90mm MM gun black motor mount and Atomic DPS for 90mm MM in the mail. This setup is to be used on a Toyota Vitz skinny.

Then I have a Porsche 934 that I'm going to buy the PN 86mm RM orange motor mount to. This is the one I need a DPS or tri-damper system on.

Both cars will have Kyosho damper (yellow) on th top. If I can get it to work.
Both cars will have extra long king pins up front and ball diff's.

So what I need to find is what would work on the 86mm RM, not the 90mm MM. At least not yet....
The triangle, if it's to "long", so I have to use 90mm wb, then it's out of the question. Because I'm going to run it on a Porsche 934.
But as you guys says, I can fabricate a post that will utilize the mount and work on any DPS. As long as the DPS is not to far back towards the motor mount.

2011.12.22, 11:48 AM
The 3Racing DPS that I posted above will work with the older PN RM mount, and can accomodate every wheelbase RM or MM. It just is not compatable with the 90mm Atomic RM mount because it does not have posts...

This is the PN mount that is compatable:

The reconfigurable RM mount I dont think will be compatable.

2011.12.22, 12:17 PM
That's the one I want.

oki, thanks for you're time and all the help!!

2011.12.22, 12:27 PM
Get the atomic 90mm rear mount motor pod, then get the kyosho brand rear damper system. That should work with no modifications at all. I used that set up before with the 934 Porsche and it works well. Also used the kyosho oil shock as well.

2011.12.22, 04:19 PM
Ringers suggestion will work as well as stated, but I feel is more expensive and more difficult to setup. I never liked how the carbon discs worked in the Kyosho damper, and always replaced them with delrin, and bought a different damper post to use with the replacement discs. I just went with the easier approach, as everything will work much more easily, and the OP asked for compatability for the PN mount.

2011.12.23, 12:08 PM
My bad. Should of read every post. I just skim through it. Yeah the kyosho damper is a little rough. With the kyosho RM damper, I take 2000 grit sandpaper and wet sand the damper plates and disc. That smooths it up. I have the 3 Racing universal damper but was never that fond of it. I guess I'll give it another try.

2012.01.16, 05:40 PM
Got this one complete now, I think

It's quite different to drive but I love it.