View Full Version : FYI- dNaNo Track disassembled at MC3

2011.12.24, 07:28 PM

This announcement was made in the dNaNo forums, but thought I would post here as well.

"Due to underwhelming response, our dNaNo track has been disassembled to make room for additional Mini-Z racing space.

We will still continue to carry lots of dNaNo kits, parts & accessories along with RealTracks, so drop by our site if you need any dNaNo stuff from a Canadian source."

The good news is that our Mini-Z racing has grown alot and last week we had 19 racers, with many of our regular guys who did not attend, so our following is growing.

We also will be adding a Buggy class to our racing shortly. We just need to get around to building some ramps and stuff for our track which should be next week after the holidays.

Thanks for your continued support!

2011.12.28, 02:27 AM
Why not still run dNano on the larger Mini-Z track on the same day as Open Touring and/or F1 if there is enough interest on the day of?

pomme de terre
2011.12.28, 02:46 PM
The dNano isn't as popular amongst the crowd that race at MC3. Those who do have one tend to drive them around for fun at home.

If youve never seen a dNano in person before, they are also a lot smaller than the Mini Z. The small gaps between RCP tiles can really throw things off. Not to mention it would be complete chaos during practice if there were dNAnos running with the Mini Zs :p

2011.12.29, 05:06 PM
Makes sense now. Didn't give it too much thought, lol. dNano just seem so cool. Sad I wasn't around when they had a track.