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2011.12.27, 02:39 AM
I was on MC3's website and am trying to figure out the classes. The scheduling only accounts for Open Mod and F1, but in the rules and regs it says there is a Stock Touring. Can someone clear up what classes are actually still run. Better yet; what classes will be run for the 2012 season? Is it immediately going to start when the 2011 season ends? And are there any updated Rules and Regs anywhere? Sorry for all the questions.

I have been out of RC for a while now and never knew we got another MiniZ shop in Mississauga. Just curious, how long have you guys been around now?

I need to thank my girlfriend for getting me a Nitehawk for christmas which resulted in me googling mods for it which resulted in me looking up proper hobby class heli's which resulting in me looking up the Kyosho Caliber 120 which led to me looking into the DNanos which eventually led me to MC3's website. After owning SO many 1/10, 1/8, and Mini Z RC cars I'm back to where I started wanting a Mini-Z again (My first hobby RC was an MR01 probably about 10 years ago).

Look forward to racing again!


2011.12.27, 07:27 AM

We've been open since Nov 2009 as a hobby shop and track. Before that we operated as a club moving our track from location to location.

Right now, the classes are Open Touring and Open F1. We will be adding the mini-z Buggy class shortly. Nobody has run stock touring for a while now.

As far as "2012" season goes, there is no series or championships per se. We'll continue to run the class as noted above.

Sometimes the guys elect to run a points series, like we're in right now with the Open F1. They all kick in an extra $5 towards a pot. Then at the end, the top 3 winners get some gift certificates from the store and the rest goes to lucky draw prizes in the form of more gift certificates for the shop.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions, or better yet, drop by to check out the action first hand.

We're open select Fridays or Saturdays only (i.e. open 1 day per week)- check the website for our schedule.

re: Mini-z; to me, it's the coolest scale going and for some, the most cost effective.



2011.12.28, 02:26 AM
Thanks for the informative reply Sinister_Y. I just noticed that Touring class isn't a point series. I see there is a thread regarding starting a 94mm series. I would be in support of a Touring point series. Buggy series sounds like fun, I always loved running the TCS Rally class so if you get that going I would be in for sure!

I'll probably drop by on Friday and take a look. Are your rental cars competitive enough for the open class? I might be able to find and get an old MR-01 together, would I be able to "rent" some batteries and a charger?

Hopefully see you on Friday,


2011.12.31, 11:41 PM
Ohhh this makes sense now!
Perhaps I incorrectly recall that a stock class was run at MC3 where PN 70t motors were used (or any stock variant). Not that my driving ability will be good enough to handle a hot motor....but it explains why some cars are insane on the straight! ...dont mind me, I just had an "ahhhh" moment.

What motor has a linear torque curve while putting out more rpm than the PN?