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2011.12.27, 10:21 AM
Seems to be the main issue of my MA, and glues nor tapes seem to help at all. The solution I came up with, but am yet to test are very small, outside lips to help keep tires on without interfering much with the contact patch.


Also thinking if this may also help with traction roll since it will eliminate part of the contact patch closer to the rim's face, thus help it slide rather than keep gripping when it begins flipping over.


2011.12.27, 10:57 AM
The soft ATM tires are very specific to what glue is used on them. Atomic part# Y--005 works VERY well with the ATM tires. We put tape on the wheels (double sided or masking tape), then glue the tire to the tape. Otherwise it is a real pain to remove the tire from the wheel. The next best glue is Sweep A type (1) SW0003. Both are VERY thin and dry very quickly.

2011.12.27, 12:23 PM
If this plan doesn't pan out, I'll look into the glues, but hopefully I may just avoid that sticky mess entirely.

2011.12.27, 01:32 PM
Like EMU said; the Y--005 Atomic glue works perfect on either double sided tape or even masking tape on wheels. Removal is easy and drying time is quick. Other CA glue on the market will work but won't bond as strong as the Atomic glue.

2012.01.11, 08:51 PM
I have a somewhat related question but did not think it is different enough to open a new thread, especially being a new member to the forum and also to RC in general.

So I got a brand new MA-010 set which came pre-built with Kyosho's drift tires. I got an extra set of wheels and some softer rubber tires, but because basically I don't know of any local Mini-Z dealers, I would like to avoid permanently gluing the tires to the rims in case I can't easily replace the wheels when the tires wear out.

Is there a non-permanent way to stick the tires onto the wheels so they don't fly off? I know from mountain biking we have a trick of applying hairspray onto the handlebars before sliding the grips on, so that the grips won't slide around once the hairspray dries. Can something like that work here, using hairspray or nailpolish or some common household stuff?

Otherwise I might try the tape trick described above, but I don't have a whole lot of glues available, just white craft glue, super glue, and glue stick. Are any of these suitable to use with the tape trick?

2012.01.11, 09:16 PM
Tape and superglue is about as good as it gets. Atomic's silicone tires don't really adhere well to many types of superglues, a quirk I discovered when I visited EMU and the other East Coast boys over the summer. I only know of two ways around this really, either you A) put the R246 tape on the wheels and mount the tires first, then glue the edges of the tires to keep them on a little better, or B) put 3M Scotch tape (thin but flexible) on the wheels and glue the entire inside surface of the tires. Using the right glue would be fairly important in both cases -- I lost a race fairly handily when I found out the Atomic 7's did not play well with the superglue I had. The two races before that were on Atomic 10's, and tire tape was enough to keep the tires on the wheels and me on the podium. :)

2012.01.11, 09:24 PM
Thanks for the super quick reply, it's good to know super glue is safe to use. I'll get to it!

The other reason I'd rather not ruin my wheels is that the only body I have uses 0N/0N, which for some reason the rims seem more difficult to find than offset (and wide) sizes.

Thanks again! I'm still waiting for my transmitter to be delivered but I want to be ready to go as soon as it's here!

2012.01.11, 09:31 PM
Put tape (double sided; masking, etc...) on wheels then glue the tires using Atomic Y-005 glue for best result; other glues won't work as well. You'll be able to reuse your wheels later on. If you use Delrin or Alloyn wheels just soak them in nail polish remover liquid for a night and the tires slide right off.

The bond with Y-005 is super tight you'll never lose the tire or having to re-glue. The glue is specially formulated for Atomic tires.