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2011.12.28, 10:40 AM
Hey guys,

Want do put something together for Jim and Vicky. I have always made the statement they are the greatest track owners I have ever meet. We've been racing there now almost 10 years. We started with MR-01 and continued since. It's been neat to watch the hobby grow along with High Speed. I'm not sure how many of you know this, but we've only been paying to race for about 3 years.And prior to the economy dying once a month they would buy pizza and wings for everyone.
I want to get together a collection for them. Maybe get a gift card to go out and eat and or one for Wal Mart or Target. Just something to show our appreciation. So if you guys could throw in some extra cash, I gonna collect it this week and get something together for a presentation next Thursday.

Just let me know,

2011.12.29, 10:15 PM
Sorry guys had to work than I planned tonight. I'll move this back a week. I'll gather up what we have next wee and we'll go form there. PM me if your interested.

Thanks again,

2011.12.30, 05:48 AM
You know I'm in.

2011.12.30, 12:21 PM
I'm in. :D

2012.02.11, 12:53 AM
Well it took a lot longer than I planned, but we presented Jim and Vicki with a Thank You card and very nice gift. Thanks to everybody that gave.