View Full Version : Bearing assembly

2011.12.28, 04:55 PM
Hi all, beginner here

We just got a bunch of cars for work, and we got some bearings
and new tires to go with it. Today I tried to switch the plastic
bearings to the ones we bought and everything went ok ... almost.

It seems like I can't get the rear axle through with the new bearing.
It also looks like I only got one bearing with a slightly larger hole, but I
should need 2 right ? The rear axle passes through the larger one, but
not the smaller one. Am I missing something ?


2011.12.28, 05:02 PM
The smaller bearings are for the front and the outside of the rear wheel and the larger ones are for the rear. I replace all of the plastic bushings.

2011.12.28, 05:07 PM
there should be three bearings with a 3mm center hole for the rear. 2 allow the diff shaft pass through the motor pod and one is for the gear side rear wheel for good diff action. A set of bearings for the RWD cars should have 4 front wheel bearings and 3 rear area bearings.