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2011.12.29, 03:19 PM
Now that I've started to amass a collection of AutoScales, I figure it's about time that I start my own gallery thread. I guess that my plan is to keep it chronological - sort of like my own image diary of sorts. Whenever I get something new, I'll post it up.

I'm starting the thread off with my first Mini Z, which I got a couple weeks ago. It's a Subaru WRC 2008 MA-010 (white). These pics were taken fresh from the box - even before I ran it for the first time. The pics kind of suck, but hey - I was excited to get going! :)


2011.12.29, 03:21 PM
Along with the Subaru came a yellow Nissan 350z. I actually don't like the way this one looks, and my plan is to eventually paint it Pearl White just like the real one I used to drive. Oh yeah - the wing has to go. Hate it!


2011.12.29, 03:24 PM
About a week later I ordered a new Ferrari 599 body:



2012.01.01, 10:30 AM
Need to post some battle scares on track afterwards!

2012.01.01, 10:34 AM
i see ur from san diego! nice bodys! is there a track in sd?

2012.01.01, 10:51 AM
good quality pictures, thanks for sharing:p

2012.01.06, 04:52 PM
Need to post some battle scares on track afterwards!

Actually, I'm a total perfectionist so I actually ordered some "basher" bodies to use so that I can leave these unscarred. These darn things are so fast that no matter how hard I try, I can't avoid walls and other objects lying around my house. :) But with the basher bodies it won't matter if I hit anything or get some serious battle scars...

i see ur from san diego! nice bodys! is there a track in sd?

Yeah, I think the closest one is up in Lake Forest (Kyosho track) - it's not quite San Diego, but close enough. I still haven't ventured up there, but I will soon just to check it out.

good quality pictures, thanks for sharing:p

Thanks for the compliment - I've got a lot of new pictures to upload but I need to find the time to do it...

2012.02.23, 09:36 PM
Aaaannnd here we go. I'm starting to get a bit more serious about collecting AutoScales now, and I'm going to try and get a respectable collection going. I have no intentions of obtaining as many as New2miniz (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35631), but I do want to have a bunch of good stuff to put in a display case in the future (whenever we can get into a bigger house). Anyway, I went on a buying spree earlier this week and the first shipments arrived today:

I have a thing for 350Z's, as I use to own a real one. So anything 350Z is a top priority for me. Anyway, I scored this one from right here at the tinyrc.com store. Looks like it's been sitting in storage for a while - it's very dusty! Oh - and the body popped off the chassis during shipping, but I'm not going to open the case and fix it. It's gonna stay like that.

Now we're getting serious. :) Thanks to Traveler, these two beauties arrived today. Love that Test Z.

More to come very soon...

2012.02.24, 10:06 PM
Got some more good stuff today. Yes, more Z's, but there is some other stuff arriving next week. :D


2012.03.18, 03:42 PM
Alright, I've been pretty busy lately but I've had lots of good stuff coming in and my collection is getting larger. This Shelby Cobra arrived a couple weeks ago:


2012.03.18, 03:43 PM
Soon after that, I received a small order from Japan. Finally got my hands on a Ferrari F40!


2012.03.18, 03:44 PM
Along with that package came some other goodies - a white F40 and a yellow Ford GT:


2012.03.18, 03:47 PM
And of course, several 350Z/Fairlady Z's to round out my Z collection:


I've still got a handful of other AutoScales that I haven't taken pictures of yet, but I'll do that soon and post them here...

2012.03.18, 04:08 PM
Oh - I just realized that I forgot this picture (it's kind of a bad pic, but whatever).

I was really happy to find a new black Ford GT, but I was slightly disappointed when it arrived - the case had been opened so they could put bubble wrap inside (I guess for protection during shipping). I would have much preferred to received an unopened one! Oh well...


2012.03.21, 10:16 AM
I think you are missing another Z, the Xanavi? ;)

2012.03.21, 08:11 PM
thanks for sharing.... and great quality pictures (the first few posts)...

just wondering what camera did you use for those shots, and at what setting?

2012.03.21, 08:28 PM
I think you are missing another Z, the Xanavi? ;)

Yep, still need to take a pic of that one :D

2012.03.21, 08:33 PM
thanks for sharing.... and great quality pictures (the first few posts)...

just wondering what camera did you use for those shots, and at what setting?

Thanks! I shot those pictures with my Canon 60D (DSLR) and the cheapo 18-55mm kit lens. Can't remember the exact configuration but they were long exposures with a wide aperture setting.

2012.03.22, 09:37 PM
Ok Traveler, this one is for you: :D BTW, much thanks for your help in scoring these Z's. I really appreciate it.


2012.03.28, 08:27 AM
Nice! Glad they ended up in a happy home. Who wouldn't want to live in SoCal?

2012.04.03, 09:17 PM
Some new things have arrived in the past week. First up:

Motul Autech Z


2012.04.03, 09:18 PM
And these two are biggies:

Keihin HSV-010
Ford Focus WRC 2002


2012.04.03, 10:17 PM
congrats on snagging 1 of 1000 hsv! thats a nice score.

2012.12.22, 12:11 PM
No new arrivals? :D