View Full Version : Mini z moto racer MC-01

2012.01.01, 08:07 AM
Has anyone seen the mini z moto racer yet? Release date march 2012, these would look like fun especially on big track layouts.

2012.01.01, 09:14 AM
if it's compatible with 2.4 asf, i'll be more interested. if not, i'll pass.

they do look like they would handle a 3w l track just fine.

2012.01.02, 09:33 PM
just seen pictures, and it looks like it comes with its own specific controller (like a kt-18 on steroids) haven't read anything on it yet tho... :D

2012.01.02, 09:44 PM
hmm... it says... 3-channel KT-19 2.4GHz FHSS Remote Control
wonder what's the third channel for? the gyro?