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2012.01.06, 11:55 AM
Hey i was wondering what everyone's view on 3racing parts are. Ive only bought some wheel shafts and thats it and they work fine. Well i have a couple projects i need to finish a couple rolling chassis and i want to upgrade a few cars ma010 and some mr02 chassis. Im just not sure whether to get alot of 3racing parts or get a few atomic or gpm or pn racing.Im looking at mr 02 driveshafts as well as ma010, a damper system, steering block, etc.Any views or suggestions would be appreciated.

2012.01.06, 01:04 PM
I have some parts of 3racing, not alot.
For instance the blue plastic front MR02 knucles. They are still very good (2 years)
I dont think 3racing is inferior quality to any of the other manufacturers you mantioned. But their gamma isnt maybe as wide.