View Full Version : Dojo Electric Indoor Flight GTG - January 13th - Saline MI

2012.01.06, 01:57 PM
Edit: Deca, David, Derek, Sean, and I are going to this indoor flight event... .We have sub-micro heli's to fly (which you all will see at tomorrows race and craft night).

If you guys are into Indoor Electric Flight, then you best come out. If you just want to come make fun of us, that's cool too.

It's $10 for 3 hours.

7pm - 10pm

Saline Middle School
7190 N. Maple Rd.
Saline MI 48176


2012.01.08, 12:23 PM
I wouldn't mind stopping by to check this out - can you guys bug me closer to the time/remind me?! :) :cool:

2012.01.09, 08:16 AM
Yes. I'll remind people... Especially if you post in this thread.

Mini-Z, You should bring the Kyosho heli and we can see what the deal is with that thing.

2012.01.09, 08:18 AM
Derrick's in too! :) Not sure about heli but w/b bringing Minium! :)

2012.01.09, 11:21 AM
Come onnnn bring one of the helis I wanna try it out :p You saw me fly out like 5 or 6 batteries at the last race without incident, I think I've proven myself well enough.

2012.01.09, 12:49 PM
Awesome!! I'm really excited!

But yeah... Bring a Heli... Seems like this is a good place to check it out instead of in the current Dojo. Just sayin' ;)

2012.01.09, 02:44 PM
No AMA membership needed... (I talked to the guy)

At the place, we go in the side door. From talking with the buddy, sounds like they have 2 rooms or split the room... 1 for flying and the other for micro and micro heli? It was confusing as the guy explained it like I go there all the time.

Heli Pro is Dave Albin who can give pro CP tips and help trim newbies (was told to have Dave trim it unless I'm wealthy, otherwise anyone can do it). We will find him in the "middle".

Sounds like they expect everyone from Pro Pilots to I just got this for christmas and has not even trimmed it.

You guys want to meet up for food or anything before hand?

2012.01.09, 07:22 PM
Not sure what my availability w/b yet but that w/b coo! :)

2012.01.12, 09:09 AM
Map: http://goo.gl/zJf7b (via google maps)

"The Guy" told me to use the side entrance. Just in case people want to meet there.

2012.01.12, 11:40 AM
I am tempted to show up too...

I recently demo'ed a cheap toy IR helicopter in JC Penny this holiday season, and purchased 2 other "better" small heli's - Heli Max CX Nano AXE - The cheapy IR one actually flies better LOL....

I have been having issues with the heli max helis... So maybe they can help me out and declare them as junk or that they just need some fixing.

Both of them have crappy side-to-side servo control.
One wobbles like it has a broken flybar or shaft.
I did manage to get the other one to fly after a lot of tinkering, There just isnt enough trim to center the gyro...


2012.01.12, 12:33 PM
I'm in deep...my mcpx is like crack. I'm really seriously considering a Trex 550EFL :eek:

Need to look at my old lipos and probably get some new ones to get my Blade400 back up in the air too...

2012.01.12, 02:45 PM
I got the Blade mSRX and will probably also end up with an mCPX. Well maybe. The issue is I want to fly inside and while that is small, even in a couple years I dont know if I would want to fly it indoors... So I might pass that and just get a larger guy. I <3 outside and would rather be flying (or doing anything) there than inside.

But yeah Ron... Lots of aircraft to check out, get some tips and I know you could get answers. :D

2012.01.17, 01:27 PM
Any chance of a repeat on the 20th? I didnt bother leaving the house because I was expecting more snow than actually fell...

2012.01.17, 02:23 PM
Was great... Seems like a few good guys in the group, some pattern flyer who is like 4 best person ever, and some randoms who didnt interact with us.

Guy who was the chaperon was really nice.

Indoors is big... about 3 basketball courts. Sectioned into 3 sections..

Far court was micro planes and heli's.
Mid court was pattern flying 3d stuff
Close court was.... um... old guys flying indoor things (poorly) lol

No offence to them, but we were standing on the wall and someone drove something right into the wall between the three of us.

All and all it was great. We had fun. The community there is really friendly and helpful. Before we knew it, it was time to leave and we were sad.

Really need more chargers for my lipos (or just more lipos) as after I went through all 5 or 6, I had to wait for a couple to charge.

It was so much fun, the next day we went out to Farminton to the LHS and got some micro indoor fixed wings so we could fly something while our Heli batteries charge.

Deca (I think) is going back Friday. I'm out of town so I cant make it this week, but will go to the next one.

I'll make a thread here for any I go to, in case some of the Dojo wants to fly with us.

2012.01.19, 11:02 AM
Any chance of a repeat on the 20th? I didnt bother leaving the house because I was expecting more snow than actually fell...

I think Deca and Sean are going (I'm traveling and land at DTW at 9ish, so no flying for me) :(

I'll be going to the following one unless something prevents it.

2012.01.19, 05:54 PM
Grrr - sorry I missed it - LMK if the 27th is on and I'll see if I can make it! :)