View Full Version : Year of the Dragon Lunar New Year Race

2012.01.06, 05:30 PM
This years Lunar New Year will be an endurance race. Duration of race has not been finalized but it should be between 2 to 3 hours. Three man teams will be determine by your finishing order in the point series. If you did not compete in the point series, you are still able to join. I will post more details as they are finalized.

Date: 01/21/12
Time: 5:00 PM

2012.01.06, 05:41 PM
better charge the good batteries for this one

2012.01.26, 02:44 PM
Endurance race was a lot of fun. We had 7 teams of three. The top two teams were a little faster than the rest but the rest of the field was very close. Will post results soon and pics when my photographer gets them to me. From the sounds of it many people liked it and are asking to do this again. Please stay tuned for the next one.