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2012.01.08, 03:23 PM
Fastest Lap Layout 1
Okabe 8.597*

Fasted Lap Layout 2
Mini-z 8.753

Not to get all Stepneygate or anything, but, been meaning to post this for a while, and realized that I had better do so before the end of the season when the record books close forever - but 777 Racing International is formally requesting that the Mini-Z Dojo stewards investigate the (alleged!) Layout 1 Fast Lap, as it appears to have been set under illegal circumstances! :D Regard the evidence below - the lap was posted on an erroneously-constructed layout!!! I move to have the record suspended until a full investigation has been undertaken!!!! :D

2012.01.08, 05:32 PM
I don't know if you noticed, but it seems the layout from 11/12/2011 was also different. There is no bump out in that corner. So it seems that the tracks are not consistent in any of the first 4 races. Therefore, I can't justify taking the fastest lap away from Okabe on the first weeks layout. You also ran that layout and could have beaten the time. We will recognize that you were fastest on track layout 1/C apparently. The official result will still be marked with a * for Okabe's time, but your fastest time may not be valid either. Probably the only fair thing is to just put the fastest lap from each week since the track gets torn down each week. There will be no fastest lap designation for a "layout" just the glory for the week. Since each week the track really is different.

2012.01.09, 08:30 AM
I was just reading about this whole scandal in the Ann Arbor News

2012.01.09, 08:59 PM
Okabe still has fastest lap on the layout.

Week 4