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2012.01.11, 02:02 AM
hey guys,

well ive finally got a multi set of wheels and some 10 (front n rear) tires for grip and am just waiting on my ferrari f430 body to come in the mail. i was racing on the road today and bumped a car tire and cracked the front lower wishbone joint :S. does this require a new chassis? ive superglued it for now.

Also, I popped in some fully charged 1800 mAh 1.2v rechargeable batteries today with my new x-speed motor and the bloody thing cant stay in a straight line :S if i turn too sharply the rear end will just slip out. could this be due to the stock diff?

so far my mods are:
SAS rear suspension
X-speed motor
10 tire's front n rear
hard suspension in the front
alum 0 front knuckles
crystal adapt
also with the SAS suspension set up it came with this REALLY sticky grease... so i whacked that in the front diff and its practically locked the front diff up. should i put some in the rear to stiffen the rear up as well?

basically what i was wondering is what are my next hop ups? ball diffs front n back? i was looking into an allum front upper diff cover (for strength). maybe some sway bars? but will sway bars fit the SAS suspension?

anyways, lend me your thoughts :)

thanx, Simmo

ps ill post photos later tonight :)

2012.01.11, 02:19 AM
subscribed for pics.


2012.01.11, 07:29 AM
heres some pics

2012.01.11, 07:31 AM
and one more

2012.01.11, 07:09 PM
So anyone got any advice as to what I should upgrade next? I just bought an allum front upper diff cover and a replacement chassis..... Soooo what's next?!?

180SX SR20
2012.01.31, 05:28 AM
track time , track time, track time... and more track time. Are you off-roading that AWD?

2012.04.26, 08:34 AM
AWD. Unfortunately in Brisbane there is no MINI-z track. Only 1:10 tracks. Which I'm yet to use.

2012.04.26, 09:10 AM
Do you have the opportunity to get an RCP track yourself?
Both space and money.

With a track and a lap timing system it makes a real difference.
Then you buy what can improve the car and not just bling-bling.

I know it's expensive for many people and it takes up a lot of space, but if you have the opportunity it's really fun.

2012.04.26, 12:55 PM
it's a shame rcp can't distribute/license manufacturing to a couple regions. i imagine sales would be greatly increased if shipping wasn't such a burden for many. any premanuf. track is going to be cost prohibitive unfortunately. realtracks weights a lot but less bulky. atomic track would be no different than rcp.

2012.04.28, 10:42 AM
yeah dont have any room for the rcp track :(