View Full Version : Side Oil Shocks in Tri Damper System?

2012.01.11, 04:02 PM
Just wondering if anyone has attempted this with the R246 front suspension oil shocks or either the Kyosho or R246 center oil shock?

If this was possible and used in combination with a QteQ four ball t bar that would basically allow for a full range of adjustment in dampening and spring rates for the rear end. I know people are greasing the pistons in the TDS systems to adjust dampening to get the same effect, but I'm sure using oils would offer more consistency and adjust ability.

Who has some oil shocks and a TDS lying around to see if it would fit? I'm assuming the front and center shocks would simply be too long, but I hope I'm wrong.

I'm sure other's have thought of this, discuss. (or as to why it won't work)


2012.01.11, 04:23 PM
The R246 shocks have a reputation for not being very smooth and for leaking oil. Furthermore they're going to be a lot heavier than the stock shocks in both PN and Reflex TDS setups, so the probability that this is a worthwhile experiment is low.

Although oil shocks have better damping in theory, they still have a minor degree of "stiction" (static friction) through the seal that, if you use them to damp roll movement, will prevent a perfect return to center. Grease shocks, due to their seal-less construction, need more frequent rebuilds but have zero stiction, allowing for a perfect return to center and more consistent left/right handling. The 1/12 pan cars tend to have grease shocks instead of sealed oil dampers in a side-shock application. Why exactly, I don't know, but this observation agrees with my theory. Oil shocks as the top shock, though, since there are more bump loads/actual shock absorption to deal with, then yes, oil shocks are still the best.

2012.01.11, 06:33 PM
tried it... just walk away unless you feel the need for headaches... the design of the shock and the viscosity of the fluids will make your head spin. I fabbed a custom mount out of g10 material to bolt the oil shocks too. Its big bulky, and body fitment issues.

It can be done, but need different oil shocks (meaning custom design). And I would prefer a piston over a bladder.