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2012.01.12, 10:00 PM
So the other day I was playing with my MA-015 Tiki Tiki Limited Edition. The thing that connects the differential to the wheel fell out of the car. In order to put it back in I had to disassemble that side of the rear suspension. After I had reassembled it I noticed it wasn't as springy as the other side. It was much slower and sometimes it didn't unspring all of the way unlike the other side. I looked it over and I seem to have assembled it properly. I think my touching the parts might have removed whatever grease/lube/oil might have been there.

What kind of grease/lube/oil should I use? Is silicon oil good? Do you think it's not the lube but rather something else.

2012.01.13, 02:41 AM
It shouldnt come with any grease installed. Perhaps its binding, check to see that you didnt overtighten any screws.

As far as grease, I use 30000 diff oil. Depending on your track or surface you are running, you may want something a little different.

2012.01.14, 09:28 PM
Nothing seems over tightened. Perhaps I need stronger springs. Any recommendations?

2012.01.15, 12:13 AM
Take it apart and out it back together again.

Chicken Little
2012.01.19, 02:57 PM
Same thing happened to me. Loosen the bottom screw of the shocks/sway bar link. That should fee it up.

2012.01.24, 12:50 PM
I think this happened to me. After driving without grease on the stock plastic knuckles. The pin gets scratched and etched from dust. The scratching is usually very hard to notice because it is so fine. This causes some "stiction" When the suspension is compressed the spring isn't strong enough to overcome this friction. A stiffer spring will fix the symptom, but not the overall cause of the problem. Changing to an aluminum knuckle completely fixed this for me, but I have also tried putting kyosho flourine kingpin oil on the stock knuckle. Also you could try polishing scratches out or the stock knuckle. This fixed it for a good while ,but it is not a very good permanent solution. I would recommend some 3racing knuckles. They seem to be the best value for the money. Atomic and PN have better knuckles, but the are more expensive.

2012.02.25, 11:52 PM
Same thing happened to me. Loosen the bottom screw of the shocks/sway bar link. That should fee it up.

If only you'd posted sooner! It took me a little while to figure out what you said on my own but you're right it was the cause of the problem.