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2012.01.13, 04:31 PM
Hey its stu,
Just thought id stop in and say hi and let you guys know what ive been up to the last 6 months, I have taken up flying, Any of you other guys fly?


2012.01.14, 09:42 PM
Cool video. I haven't been flying much at all lately. I have a blade FHX, 120SR and just got a mCP X today. Can't wait to get it home and fly it. Been wanting a 400 series heli but don't know what to get. Trex seems to be the safe bet. But been thinking about the Blade 450 3d.

2012.01.21, 08:45 AM
@RINGER If you havent gotten one yet, I would recommend getting a programmable spektrum radio, dx7s,dx8, or dx6i, as you will be able to make the mcpx more flyable, The 450 3d rtf comes with a dx6i which is a great intro-advanced radio, ive had all three radios listed there and i still have a dx6i and 8, good luck

2012.01.21, 12:22 PM
if you cna afford the extra cash... go with a dx7... that will give you enough channels in the future if you decide to go with nitro or gasoline, or decided to put fuel or electric into a fuse.

oh and I fly century

2012.01.21, 04:36 PM
THE NEW 7S IS NICE, gimbals are the same as the 8, but if you can dish out the extra id go with the 8 as there are more dr options fm options etc

2012.04.18, 12:07 PM
When I bought my first heli which was the 120sr BNF I started with a DX5 that I got from my buddy for 20 bucks then went to a DX6i later. Kinda wanted a DX7 but just didn't have the money. If I go bigger then a 400 series I'm going to go with a DX7 or a DX8. The mcpx is a blast to fly, crashed more then I care to let on. Also picked up a parkzone T-28 Trojan plane a month back and that thing is a blast to fly as long as you have the space.

2012.04.19, 03:02 PM
I fly helicopters and the DX7 is great for Spektrum equipped models.

2012.09.07, 06:51 AM
I have got a little heli , and i am learning to fly , threw it down/crashed several times and as a good luck i get saved all the time , no major accidents.

2012.09.07, 07:13 AM
i have the small iphone/ipod heli i got as a gift. it's fun to play with but my kids are better at flying than i am. it's just to hard to take it seriously when you don't have a venue to enjoy them and even the indoor air current send them wandering. i had a one of the tiny planes as well but with no where to really enjoy it, it just wasn't pursuing.