View Full Version : EX-I Mars R High Response Version

2012.01.16, 01:10 PM
A customer brought in a Ko Propo Mars R High Response Version controller and we plugged in a 901sm mini-z module that is a known working module, when we bind it to a mini-z it just takes off full speed. You would have to trim it almost to F40 for it to stop spinning but of course, nothing works no throttle no reverse. Is the Mars R High Speed Version compatible with Mini-Z has anyone have one that they are using?

I know that all the other Mars Radio's work, I have the normal MARS and the Precious and they seem to work fine.

Here is the link to the exact radio i'm trying to get to work.



2012.01.16, 01:32 PM
Should work without any problems.

Check to make sure the trigger is not damaged where it slides onto the throttle pot.

Perform the Adjust VR function to re-calibrate the steering and throttle pots. You have to finish both in order for the calibration to take effect. If you cannot finish either the steering or throttle calibration, then the pot is damaged and needs to be sent in for service.