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2012.01.18, 11:57 PM
So out of boredom, I took my AWD drifter and unmounted my tires and started dremeling away. At first, I had Dr. Kustoms "rounded" edged tires in mind but that' didn't suit my style (Looks nice non-the less). I went for a more tuner/JDM feel and decided to get that "Poke"/"Tire stretched look.

For those who are unaware of the "poke" look, here's a reference.


And my results:




I realize my pictures don't do the work much justice, neither do the wheels and their offset as well as the body choice, but it's a start.

My current setup with the wheels are 0's all around and all of them are wide. Hoping to get the better "poke"/"stretched" looking with 1 offset or 1.5s with even more camber. We'll see!

Thanks for looking

2012.01.19, 01:59 AM
NICE! i did the same thing to my 1/10 drifter

2012.01.20, 02:17 AM
Not a new trick, but nice job man! I did the same to 1 set of tires, but a minimal job to keep some contact patch on them.

2012.01.20, 02:46 PM
It looks decent, just lower the front more and redo this mod to a set of Wide (11mm) drift tires and it'll be good. :)

2012.01.20, 04:57 PM
It looks decent, just lower the front more and redo this mod to a set of Wide (11mm) drift tires and it'll be good. :)

Eh, I don't wanna dish out too much for this car. I like it the way it is so far. Btw, this is Peter's old whip. aha

180SX SR20
2012.02.02, 08:46 AM
Reminds me of my ol' setup

2012.02.10, 04:08 PM
Those rims are super sick. Wish we had em out here in the states.

2014.12.22, 06:19 AM
What wheels are these ??

2014.12.24, 01:28 AM
18мм HIPPARI M's racing rims.