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2012.01.19, 12:05 PM
K&J Hobbies

3737 Branch Avenue
Temple Hills Maryland
Iverson Mall

there is a new track in town! Mike Keely forwarded me this information. i don't know anything more than this at the moment.

Mike Keely
2012.01.19, 01:02 PM
Track looks to be 24 tiles long x 11 tiles wide.

2012.01.19, 02:42 PM
Nice! Hope it works out. Good Luck to whoever.:)

Mike Keely
2012.01.19, 02:53 PM
Nice! Hope it works out. Good Luck to whoever.:)

It is all new track also. MK

Mike Keely
2012.01.21, 11:02 AM
We will be up at the mall around 1PM today and Melvin will be running until around 8 tonight.

Mike Keely
2012.01.22, 06:06 PM
Looking to have a race this Sat. at the Mall. It could be a short enduro or a regular race. Let me know who is interested in coming and what you would like to race. THanks MK

Mike Keely
2012.01.26, 06:09 PM
?????? Anyone out there???

2012.01.26, 06:19 PM
yep but the maryland scene is notorious for not being active posting participants.

Mike Keely
2012.01.27, 05:35 PM
Looking to try to get a race going at the mall tomorrow. Anyone interested??? I know for sure that the Remnants crew will be in the mall next week on Sat. to have a race. I think that they have four new racers at the mall already. I hope it gets much better with many more racers!!!

Mike Keely
2012.02.04, 08:00 AM
Off to the track!