View Full Version : 90mm RM Box stock 8 cars (purest form of Mini-z racing and fun)

2012.01.22, 06:01 PM

8 cars 90mm RM box-stock configuration; 6T pinion box stock with only bearings/grease/ATM carpet tires allowed. Previous winner needs to add coins(Weight Ballast). Reverse Qualifying starting order and reverse running direction(2nd race). It all comes down to driving; not equipment. Lots of fun. Track: www.cruizinrc.com

2012.01.23, 12:17 PM
Awesome vid! Close racing stock class requires lots of skill.


2012.01.23, 04:12 PM
Great, you had to post the video where I broke my t-plate not even hitting anything... I developed a nice lead too :rolleyes: Its a very fun class. Sai was driving a loaner car, and got the win.

2012.01.23, 04:50 PM
Great racing! We just did nearly the same thing at Kenon on Saturday except most of the cars were 98mm and wide. :D

2012.01.23, 07:39 PM
I added 30g ballast in practice, fastest lap was a 7.2. With the mass off, I did a 6.8. In the race, I did 6.5 with my race cells without ballast. I would think that with the ballast, I would have done around a 6.8-6.9s lap. I could really feel the mass delaying the steering reaction, but the car had considerably less chatter.

Ron feels that although the lap times might be slightly slower, the ballast makes the car better since it doesnt chatter, and it can bully other cars more since it is more stable. We have to figure out a different way to handicap the winners. I may be trading my chassis for Ron's this weekend to see how it will impact the laptimes.

2012.01.23, 08:40 PM
You guys should run the ballast on the roof!

2012.01.24, 07:04 AM
nice vid, kinda hard to believe that everybody is using a 6t pinion :D (i would have personally left pinion choice up to the driver) eventually it seemed a bit more evident during the later part of the race :D ... pretty close racing... none the less

without worrying about spending big bucks, it would definitely bring new racers into your club... i'd like to see more of this kind of racing... where skill plays a bigger part in driving...

what bodies were you guys using? kinda hard to see on the vid...

2012.01.24, 07:08 AM
i remember putting on tamiya weights on my vitz ages ago... and following what emu said...
i remember it making the car more stable... and being a bit more heavier, you don't get 'bullied' around very much...

2012.01.24, 09:00 AM
Hey Landon, even on the roof the weight would probably help. Remember that the track surface is carpet.
I ran some weight too and I missed it when I removed it.
We are going to experiment a bit with gearing and see what happens with a 7t pinion.

The field was 4 GT1s, 3 GT3s and an F40.

2012.01.24, 11:33 AM
Here is a video of having weight (camera; not the tiniest one) on the roof of a Hondy Odyssey. No traction roll and the extra leans probably aid steering a bit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J893Lbv7ENw

2012.01.25, 01:17 AM
The field was 4 GT1s, 3 GT3s and an F40.
thanks for the info... how'd they do against each other?
like what cars came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on?

2012.01.27, 11:42 AM
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on?

That one went GT3, GT1, GT1, GT3, GT1 & GT3. I think they race very well together.

2012.01.27, 11:38 PM
I think the GT3R is .2-4s slower on the fast lap, but it is a LOT more fun to drive than the GT1. Sai drove my GT3R box stock loaner in the video, and while the GT1 takes some time to get up to speed, at the start the GT3R is equal if not faster. And it can turn inside of the GT1 with the narrower width and higher CG. But if you are too aggressive with the GT3R, it will roll. GT1 will just chatter.

2012.01.28, 04:41 PM
Love the competitve box stock racers..... @ 1:47 racer X seems unhappy with the box stock class:mad: