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2012.01.23, 12:32 PM
Just to continue our topic last saturday,

here are some of the frame work

open class
2 hours in length
will be on Saturday
one driver per team
spare car is not allowed
any repairs can be carried out in the pits
15 minutes/fastest lap to decide starting order

Race start exactly at 7:30pm

any constructive suggestion is welcomed

2012.01.23, 06:03 PM
i agree with the above, maybe add 2 classes GT and LeMans?

2012.01.24, 06:59 AM
I agree with Lucas: 2 classes: LM and GT.

i.e. you must run either a LM body or a GT body.

If you guys want trophies, I can arrange, but everyone would have to chip in a little extra.

Also, maybe the GT class has to run 80 turn motors? I have lots of PNWC 80 turn motors left from the fall classic race and I think it would be good for beginners. They can run that class. Plus, it would be realistic, i.e. large speed differences in the 2 car classes.

Who's videoing the race?

pomme de terre
2012.01.24, 08:18 AM
Having two different classes of cars running at the same time would be really cool realism wise. It would also be interesting because everyone has to choose their own race strategy. Run GT and a slower motor to save your tires and batteries, or LM and a fast motor for a lot of hot laps but more time needed in the pits... etc.

2012.01.24, 08:37 AM
This should be fun. But as Matt was saying, we need to come up with a proper spot to pull over to pit/pick up the car. any thoughts?

2012.01.24, 01:44 PM
I already created/uploaded the layout for Feb with endurance race in mind. I will add pit lane to it later when I build it. the pit area will be in the bottom right hand corner of the layout. This way, it's out of the way of the racing sightline and out of the way of the driver's area (stand).

2012.01.24, 08:08 PM
so who will definitely in the Le Man if it is going to be in Feb?
Please sign here now so that we can get into more detail planning


2012.01.24, 09:13 PM
put me down for Le Man

pomme de terre
2012.01.24, 09:30 PM
Would February be too soon? I don't see a huge rush to do this...

To add to what Casey said, I'm proposing that the MC3 Two Hour Enduro will be:


1) GT
2) LM

Each participant/driver is only allowed to run one class


- 30 min open track time starting @ 6PM (similar to the F1 series)
- starting order will be based on fastest lap time

- 120 min race starting @ 7:30PM
- single main for both classes (i.e. all cars on track at the same time)
- winner will be determined by most number of laps

Judging from past races, we probably don't want more than 10-12 entries. I personally don't mind more (it'll be more interesting to have to dodge traffic), but it's up to you guys. There's also the issue of standing space for the drivers, and I don't know if Shawn has any restrictions wrt transponders and the timing software.


GT Class
- PN 80T motor

LM Class
- PN 50T motor

Or we could have GT be 50T, and LM be completely open. And then there's also the issue of balancing it out for the guys who run LiFe... you guys always make things difficult :p


GT Class
- 90mm to 98mm wheel base
- in-between wheel bases allowed (e.g. 96 mm)
- Kyosho Mini-Z MR01, MR015, MR02 and MR03 only
- Kyosho colored chassis may be used

LM Class
- 102mm wheel base only
- Kyosho Mini-Z MR01, MR015, MR02 and MR03 only
- Kyosho colored chassis may be used


GT Class
- Kyosho Mini-Z and TRP Scale body only
- Le Mans body NOT allowed

LM Class
- Kyosho Mini-Z Le Mans body only

Original windshields and window must be installed. Cutting/shaving of wheel wells for clearancing and fitting different wheel bases allowed. Aftermarket wings allowed.


GT Class
- AAAs allowed
- LiFe allowed

LM Class
- AAAs allowed
- LiFe allowed


GT Class
- Maximum front wheel width is 8.5mm
- Maximum rear wheel width is 11mm.
- Maximum wheel diameter is 21mm
- LM-size wheels and tires are NOT ALLOWED

LM Class
- Maximum front wheel width is 8.5mm
- Maximum rear wheel width is 11mm.
- Maximum wheel diameter is 21mm
- LM-size wheels and tires ARE allowed


- Rubber tire ONLY
- No foam tires or silicon tires allowed
- No traction compounds allowed on tire or on race surface


Driver Stand Positions
- drivers will drawn numbers from a hat at the start of the day
- #1 will get first choice in standing position, #2 gets second choice, etc.
- driver is allocated their chosen spot for the ENTIRE day (i.e. no switching or stealing spots)
- spots to be marked on the ground with masking tape

Pitting Procedure
- there will be a designated "pitting lane" area
- driver's car must be stopped in pit lane before leaving their standing position to pick up car
- repairs MUST be done in pits (i.e. your pit table), so even if you just need to grab your car to pop a body clip back on, you must bring it to your table first
- no limit to repairs, but no spare car is allowed (use your common sense here)
- car must be placed back into pit lane after repair, but CANNOT be driven until driver returns to his designated standing position

There will be strategy involved with picking a spot, which should be interesting. Different people have different locations they are more comfortable with standing at, or they may want to pick a spot close to the pit lane to reduce pit stop time.

We could also do the choosing of spots based on qualifying time, or have GT Class drivers get first pick, or reverse of qualifying times to give the faster drivers handicaps etc. We could also look into having to choose pit tables, since it's advantageous to have a table close to the pit lane.

Here is the layout Shawn posted on the MC3 website (http://www.minicarclubofcanada.com/):


While writing all this, it seems like the GT vs. LM class thing might be hard to figure out in terms of making everything fair, especially with LiFe batteries involved. I'm sort of leaning towards Casey's original idea of having it fully open now, so that you are completely free to decide what kind of race strategy to have (motor, battery type etc.)... or at least for the first time we try this enduro race idea anyways, just to keep things simple.

The last set of rules with respect to standing positions and pitting procedures is definitely something I'm advocating for though. It should keep things interesting.

Anyways, if this enduro race works out well, next thing we can try is a 4 hr enduro with 2 people to a team.

2012.01.25, 01:23 AM
I still opt for no limit on battery and motor because I think the faster motor and Life will not have that much of advantage. Bears in mind that faster motor draws a lot more amp than stock motor, moreover Life battery just have 400 mah VS AAA have at least 800 mah. These 2 factors will even out any speed advantage LiFe and faster motor have. ( 2 sec faster per lap(really hard to do) faster but have to change battery twice often but changing battery including pit in and pit out will at least take 2 minutes. That alone means one have to put a extra 60 laps, not counting putting the used battery to charger and start charging again)

The other reason to keep it open is to maintain the goal of min investment to take part. No need to buy extra stuff because ppl can just run what they have currently except may be extra tire.

As for qualifying, instead of fighting for standing postion which matter a lot in a endurance race, it will be fighting for standing position.

We can do this in Feb as a trial and iron out any problem and do a more serious one (chip in to buy trophy, 2 driver per team and longer 4 hrs ) later.

2012.01.25, 01:48 AM
We can hold one as early as next Saturday, just the same open class as usual except race starts at 7:30 and ends at 9:30 to test the whole idea out.

Hopefully no burnt board :eek:

2012.01.25, 07:41 AM
Good work guys. The only thing I think I want to remain firm on is the GT class can only use 80 turn PN motor and no LiFe. GT must also use GT body, i.e. JGTC, etc...

I want this class dedicated to the idea of something new guys can start with. Most of you guys are intimidating enough (you're very fast), so to make it easy for newbies, slower speed usually works. Since you're all pros, as Jon said, you should be able to "dodge" traffic and if not, well, you should work on that skill then ; )

Another option is to have GT1 and GT2 classes just like real racing.

GT2 can be PN 80 turn AAA and GT1 can be any 50 turn (i.e. PN 50, K xspeed) and LiFe or AAA.

Another thing to consider:

All this would have to be figured out after the race is complete. Zround is awesome but in it's current form cannot handle multiple classes running at once, i.e. GT1, GT2, Lemans

The only way to do it is to run the race with everybody and then when results are completed, manually identify who came 1st, 2nd, etc... for each class based on entry name (and their running class).

I believe I have close to a complete set of transponders (which is 24). Some of you have personal transponders. So, as long as those poeple only one car run, we have the potential to run 24 cars at once.

Mind you, the track would be insanely populated. But, it would make things interesting for sure.

2012.01.25, 08:08 AM
i'm good with the GT rules of 80T motor and body restrictions, but for Lemans, I'm with Casey in that I'd like it to be open. I don't run a PN motor and I'd rather not change it. Also, I don't mind the Life guys running their Life's either. As for deciding driver standing position and starting grid, I'd be ok with anything.
Oh, and a Saturday in Feb would be great. I think if we delay for a while, people might lose interest

2012.01.26, 03:57 AM
Put me down for GT2.

GT2 sounds like great fun. February sucks for me because a) I still only have one set of batteries, b) car is nowhere near dialed in yet. How bout the third week of February or first week of March? So we can still run on the alternating fri/sat schedule and do this on a Saturday (and maybe my car will stop getting airtime by then).

I like the idea of 80t spec motor for GT2, should be easier to get my car ready for that than 50t. Two different motors on the track should make things more interesting and challenging too. Two different turn motors for the two classes also makes a lot of logical sense as the GT1 and GT2 classes will be pitting at two different times so the pits won't be so hectic.

I also like Shawn's idea of AAA only for GT2. I know nothing about LiFe but if what Casey says about its capacity handicaps then why not. Only thing is that makes the qualifying quite unfair?

Is it just me or 24 cars on track sounds like hella fun? I notice some of the faster guys cannot seem to avoid collisions (ie: my yellow lambo consistently spinning/flipping), so that should really make things interesting in terms of results. Especially since its an enduro.

One thing I don't like (unless I misunderstood) is the JGTC/Super GT body requirement Shawn wants for the GT2 class. That adds quite an expense for those who don't have one. Not to mention changing wheelbase setups accordingly to accommodate the bodies.

Sounds like a fun idea that if works out can be a monthly or every two month event with trophies and such. And regular race results from previous weekends of the month can count toward qualifying/standing position selection.


pomme de terre
2012.01.26, 08:01 AM
I'm voting for a fully open one sometime in February just for fun, and so we can iron out the idea.

Then a more formal one in March or April with different classes and rules drafted out.

2012.01.26, 09:28 AM
same here, a fully open one in Feb to test this thing out

2012.01.26, 10:35 AM
Let's do Feb 18th then. Once you guys confirm along with some details, I will update the website schedule and add some details to the schedule around lenght of time, etc...

2012.01.26, 06:27 PM
maybe we can try 90mm with 70t/80t/stock motor and narrow front/rear tires.

I know many mini clubs have 90mm class racing

2012.01.26, 11:15 PM
Let's do Feb 18th then.

Will you have some Peak 900s in by then?

2012.01.27, 12:48 AM
I am in for Feb 18
Everyone pls sign up

2012.01.27, 07:18 AM
unfortunate news. K America is out of stock until mid-Feb. Good news in that F1s arrived though and all dealers who pre-ordered should be getting their units shortly.