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pomme de terre
2012.01.28, 11:40 AM
This is an official sign-up list, resulting from our discussions in this thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37617).

Race date will be Saturday, February 18, 2012. There is no additional cost for this race, only the regular $15 track fee applies. The usual open mod and F1 classes will not be run on this day.

Qualifier: 30 min of open track lapping, starting at 18:30 sharp
Race: 120 min race, starting at 19:30 sharp
Teams: Up to 2 racers per team are allowed. A single transponder must be used per team.

Sign-up list as of Feb 17:

1) Casey (josyskunk) & Stephen (Guiness)
2) Jon (pomme de terre) & Calvin (CrazyCalvin)
3) Lucas (LeftHandedRacer) & Xavier
4) Shawn (Sinister_Y) & Santino
5) Joey
6) Chris (BlackBerry)
7) Danny
8) Jimmy
9) Dong-Kyu (dongkyuyang)
10) Damien
11) Claudio
12) Philip (philip_lam)
13) Fai
14) Benny (bennymylee)

Rules are quoted below and are attached in PDF format.

Everything has been kept as open as possible for this race (all the current guys will be able to run no problem). Motor and batts have been left open for you to determine your own race strategy.



[QLF-1]: 30 min open track lapping starting at 18:30
[QLF-2]: Fastest lap time determines starting grid order


[RAC-1]: A single 120 min main starting at 19:30
[RAC-2]: Winner will be determined by most number of completed laps




[CHS-1]: Kyosho Mini-Z MR01, MR015, MR02, MR03 and MA010 only
[CHS-2]: 86mm to 102mm wheel base permitted


[MTR-1]: Unlimited


: AAA allowed
: LiFe allowed


: Kyosho Mini-Z and TRP bodies only
[BOD-2]: Windshields and window must be installed
[BOD-3]: Cutting/shaving of wheel wells for clearance/wheelbases allowed
[BOD-4]: Aftermarket wings allowed


[WHL-1]: Maximum front wheel width is 8.5mm
[WHL-2]: Maximum rear wheel width is 11mm.
[WHL-3]: Maximum wheel diameter is 21mm
[WHL-4]: LM-size wheels and tires allowed


[TYR-1]: Rubber tire ONLY
[TYR-2]: No foam tires or silicon tires allowed
[TYR-3]: No traction compounds allowed on tire or on race surface


[PIT-1]: Car must exit track from designated pit lane
[PIT-2]: Car must resume race from designated pit lane after repair
[PIT-3]: Car cannot not be driven unless the driver is at their standing spot


[RPR-1]: Minor repairs are allowed adjacent to the pit lane [1]
[RPR-2]: Major repairs must be done at the racer's pit table [1]
[RPR-3]: No limit to nature of repairs or replacement of parts
[RPR-4]: No spare/back-up car is allowed

[1] "Minor repair" is limited to putting body or tire back on. All other repairs are considered a "major repair", including battery and transponder changes.

2012.01.28, 09:10 PM
Sign me up please. This is Calvin (DBR9 guy)

2012.01.29, 06:02 PM
please add Joey to the list, thanks

2012.01.30, 02:00 AM
I'm in.

1) Casey (josyskunk)
2) Lucas (LeftHandedRacer)
3) Stephen (Guiness)
4) Jon (pomme de terre)
5) Calvin (CrazyCalvin)
6) Joey
7) Chris (BlackBerry)

A suggestion. If we end up having a large turnout I think we should increase the qualifying time. I know the F1 setup was 30 minutes but with 3 or maybe 4 times more traffic on track (and standing positions) some extra time would help everyone clock their best time. I propose maybe 45 minutes at minimum?


2012.01.31, 02:45 PM
Count me in - mg728 = Matt Greig

Just one request can we move the start time back 20 min please? I know I will already miss qualy which I don't mind, I just hope not to start 20 min down to everyone else.


Matt G.

pomme de terre
2012.01.31, 10:11 PM
I don't mind starting at 7:50PM and ending at 9:50PM (10 mins before closing). However, I'll leave this up to Shawn to answer as to whether or not this is possible.

2012.02.01, 03:40 AM
Please add Danny and Jimmy to the list

2012.02.01, 08:17 AM
We should start the main at 7:30pm sharp. We can however keep qualifying at 1/2 hour and start at 6:30pm sharp. This is to allow some wiggle room in the schedule if we need to (mercy minutes if really, really required).

pomme de terre
2012.02.01, 05:36 PM
Sign up list, time and layout have been updated in the original post.

A PDF containing information and rules for the race has also been attached.

2012.02.02, 08:42 AM
the more i think about this race, the more i think it's gonna be crazy. since the longest i've raced is 12mins straight, 120mins seems nuts, but also like a lot of fun. can't wait to see how this goes

2012.02.05, 12:21 PM
Please add me to the list! This is Dong-Kyu.

2012.02.05, 12:34 PM
please add in Damien and Claudio to the list Jon, thanks.

pomme de terre
2012.02.05, 03:19 PM
Original post updated.

This is going to be quite the race with so many people on the track at the same time, especially with the tight new layout.

Shawn, any ideas on how marshalling is going to work?

2012.02.05, 03:34 PM
I'd recommend that maybe the idea of a 2 person team would make sense, but I'll leave that discussion up to you guys. You have a couple of weeks to sort it out

2012.02.07, 05:43 PM
14 cars are too many for the track, not to mention the problem of standing space. 2 persons per team may be the only answer. But what is the format going to be? 2 persons same car may need a lot of arrangements(sharing radio, compromising set up, whose's car to drive and so on). The other option is both person using their own car and just swapping transponder. but it kinda downgrade the whole race to a 1 hr race for each person.


pomme de terre
2012.02.07, 06:11 PM
I was thinking of scheduling mandatory marshall shifts, with 4 marshalls at a time, so that there are only ~10 people on the track at a given time.

Shifts can be signed up for based on qualifying lap time (i.e. fastest gets first pick), since there's a benefit to being able to choose a slot that best fits your race strategy.

2012.02.08, 03:00 AM
That sort of works but how long is a marshal shift going to be? I can't see someone paying attention as a marshal for more than 15 minutes.

I don't think 4 marshals are necessary. One for each side of the track should be sufficient as the track will already be crowded with 10 cars, 4 marshals running around at once will make things quite difficult.

If we cut off the sign up list now that would allow 12 cars (transponder limit) and 2 marshals at a time. We should clearly state each marshal's boundary responsibilities at the beginning of the day so there is no confusion.

If each driver marshals for approximately 17 minutes and 9 seconds and we have two marshals at a time that would cover the full two hours (123 minutes to be exact). This way every driver only has to marshal once. Depending on the timing system we could either round up or down a few seconds to make things simpler.

Since there are 14 drivers there would be a total of 7 marshaling rounds. I propose the above and that when it comes to the end of a round all drivers must stop their cars wherever they are on the track untill the new drivers and marshals are ready. Or we can line up at the beginning of each round in order of laps completed since having everyone stop at once seems quite impossible. Another option is spread the cars out evenly on the track upon restart allowing race leader to pick his starting area on the track and have each driver successfully behind him based on their laps. That last options seems the most beneficial, and would allow the drivers switching in a fair starting position.

What do you guys think? With this system we each only have to marshal once and there is no confusion as to which marshal is responsible for which area.


philip lam
2012.02.08, 11:12 AM
please add me & Fai in. thanks.

pomme de terre
2012.02.11, 02:45 PM

After discussions with Mr Sinister_Y (Shawn) and a few of the racers, it has been decided that the best way forward is to allow teams for next week's endurance race. There simply isn't enough room for 14 people to race all at once with no marshalls.

We understand that not everyone will be comfortable being on a team with someone else, especially on such short notice, so teams will not be mandatory. You can choose to run solo, if you wish.

What we are aiming for are at least 3 to 4 teams, in order to reduce the number of people on the track at the same time, and to have marshalls available.

There is an incentive for you to be on a team, however. We will not be mandating the use of one car per team, because a racer may not feel comfortable having their car in someone else's hands. BUT, the same transponder must be used within a team. There are a lot of advantages to this, such as quicker pit stops since you only need to swap the transponder, being able to do repairs while your teammate takes over etc.

I will be updating the original post shortly with this information. If you and someone else would like to be a team, please reply below.

Please let those who don't check the forums know as well.

2012.02.11, 02:52 PM
great idea:D

2012.02.12, 11:21 AM
I'll be running solo unless someone is comfortable being guaranteed last position as my car still is not set up. Though 2 hours should be plenty of time to finally get the car right.


2012.02.12, 10:16 PM
Excellent work guys!

I've copied and pasted the info into a news item on the MC3 home page.

2012.02.12, 10:33 PM
So what is the limit for cars on the track at once? Unless someone is forced not to run due to the limit I will actually choose to run solo.

Just looked at the website update, look forward to seeing you on the track Shawn! You deserve it, lol.

Also just noticed the cars on track are limited to standing positions. How many standing positions are there?

2012.02.13, 07:18 PM
i think we need more people to team up. 14-15 cars is still too many for the track

2012.02.13, 08:37 PM
hopefully , Philip and Fai will join as a team, also Xavier and Lucas on a team and someone to partner with Joey

2012.02.14, 12:15 AM
We need to get the number of cars on track down to around 10:cool:

2012.02.15, 11:07 AM
Please sign me up please.


pomme de terre
2012.02.15, 03:38 PM
Please team up guys. Or at least have someone in mind to team up with come Saturday.

As it stands we only have 3 teams. 15 people on the track at the same time is still a bit much with only a maximum of 3 marshalls available at a time.

2012.02.15, 04:57 PM
Who would like to team up with me?....OTL

2012.02.15, 05:41 PM
Santino will be attending and driving my Reflex Car. I will be running my Atomic Car. We will be running as a team.

Note that joey will team up as per Peter with someone, but probably on Saturday.

2012.02.15, 06:07 PM
I think with this many drivers, we should make teams mandatory

2012.02.18, 11:45 AM
So wah happenin? Its Saturday now and we don't have concrete rules on drivers/teams.

pomme de terre
2012.02.18, 11:52 AM
As it says in the first post:

Teams: Up to 2 racers per team are allowed. A single transponder must be used per team.

We have 3-4 teams right now, so 3-4 marshalls. Singles can choose to team up or find a partner at the track, but no one is going to force you to.

pomme de terre
2012.02.19, 03:34 PM
So I think we can all agree that our 2 hr endurance race pilot project was a great success :D.

We had a few people who couldn't make it, and unfortunately Shawn had some problems with his car. However, we managed to get almost everyone on teams and only had a couple of single racers. This worked out to an exciting race with about 7 cars on the track at a time. It was pretty impressive of Chris (BlackBerry) and Damien to run the full 2 hours all by themselves, and even more impressive that their cars lasted the full 2 hours.

Race results have been posted on the MC3 website (http://www.minicarclubofcanada.com/RaceResult.aspx?rrid=224430449). If anyone's interested, Calvin did some analysis on our team's runs and worked out some stats for our team:

- total of 7 pit stops and 4 runs each, for a total of 8 runs
- longest stint was 21 min 16 sec, on a pack of Orion 900's
- our fastest pit stop took 49.217 secs (time from passing bridge, to pitting, to passing bridge again)
- we both used PN 43 turn motors and AAA's
- no tire changes, but one tire rotation midrace

I can't wait for us to do another endurance race again. Maybe 4 hours? Or 5 hours? :)


And on an unrelated note, Shawn got in the new MF015 (http://www.minicarclubofcanada.com/Shopping.aspx?CategoryID=30&ShowType=list) yesterday. There's only a couple left and we'll be continuing to run a F1 class on Saturdays. Get yours before its all gone!

Here's our favourite underage racer, Joey's brand new Hamilton MP4-25 (http://www.minicarclubofcanada.com/Shopping.aspx?ShowType=item&ItemID=235535461):


2012.02.19, 06:38 PM
Based on the experience we earned in yesterday. I believe that next will be even better. Let get the suggestion for next race format started!!
Here are some of my suggestion

A team of 3 racer - now we have relative speed of each team, we can add some of less experience racers to the more experienced team. In this way the new comer can learn more about the setup of their car and promote a more friendly atmosphere. Another thing I notice is the toward the second half of the race, some of the less experienced racer were so far behind in the race that it became a extended test session for them. Integrating them into the faster team will solve that problem because their laps still matters if they are in one of the more experienced team.

Duration - Due to the Shop hours, I think next one should either be a 3 hrs or max 3 1/2 hrs race ( 1/2 hrs qualifying). If it is 3 1/2 hrs, we will start early in 5:30 om sharp on Saturday. No waiting at all. It will be less a problem since each team has 3 members. Also setup and every thing else should be prepared before the race to get everything running smoothly.

Pit Stop - The swapping transponder format work well and I think we should keep it.

that is my suggestion and we can start creating a team of 3 members!!!:D

2012.02.19, 07:42 PM
Thanks to Jon and Casey for their hard work to think of the format and solicit everyone's input. Thanks to all the other racers for their feedback and commitment.

I fully support any event you guys want to run. Maybe I can arrange some sort of sponsorship for the next race. I know that some unnamed manufacturer at this time is open to sponsorship. Maybe we can get them to sponsor motors for everyone? Anyway, think of that too and I can facilitate.


2012.02.19, 09:02 PM
While we greatly appreciated Shawn, the shop-owner; we also miss Shawn, the racer. Hopefully Shawn will get the shop misc stuff done soon and setup his Atomic chassis so that he can race more in the future!!!