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2012.01.29, 10:24 AM
anyone else out there collect toy lines from their youth?

i have a large g.i. joe collection, small transformers collection and a few masters of the universe and mask items.

2012.01.29, 01:35 PM
i wish i still had all my transformers...back when everything was metal.
do you remember go-bots?

2012.01.29, 02:11 PM
Last two years I have ben collecting Transformers. Quit about fall time, still have a few left.

2012.01.29, 03:58 PM
yep, i had go bots as well. the takara stuff still uses metal vs. the hasbro releases.

2012.01.29, 04:48 PM
Do to limited space, I just keep my WST Transformers.

2012.01.29, 09:31 PM
I've still got all my Star Wars stuff buried in a closet somewhere. I'm pretty sure I've still got all my Stompers too. I need to dig that stuff out...

2012.01.30, 01:01 PM
oddly enough, i never got into star wars. they have a huge toy following and tons of product out right now but just never appealed to me. i wish i had gotten one of the at-at's when they were discounted at targets. it was a steal for the size of that thing. sort of like the BMF at $50 when clearanced at walmarts.

anyone get have a-team? i picked up the movie line stuff since there were only a few characters and of course the van when it hit clearance for $13.

sometimes you can find great deals at ross, tj maxx and marshalls as they normally get all the last year stuff. if you shop smartly, you can save a lot of money.

2012.01.30, 02:40 PM
Had loads of original star wars Figures whose arms and legs didn't bend and the light sabres came out the arm :) and the vehicles.
I also had a 12" Luke Skywalker a friend had Boba Fett in 12" these were rare as rocking horse poo in the UK.
They all got thrown away :( Then I went a bit mad and got them all again plus a few more with the re-releases in the early 2000's

I had an A team Van, the figures were all wearing funny jumpsuit type things, BA didn't even have the Gold. The Roof came off the Van so they could sit inside.

Other memorable toys were a 12" Six million dollar man with a magnifying eye and and engine he lifted, you rolled his skin up on his arm and could see the bionics underneath. Mask and Transformers. OH and my all time fav was an Evel Knievel wind up stunt Bike and matching dragster.

2012.01.30, 06:17 PM
Ive also ben collecting 1/43 scale movie cars. I have both KITT and KARR from Aoshima, the BTTF Part Two from Vietneese, the Cannonball Run black Lamborghini from whome I cant remember, the amphibious Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me, and a model from Top Gear featuring the Stig. Im very close to picking up the A-Team van in 1/43 from Hot Wheels. Looks to be the coolest of the vans. I also have a 1/48 die cast model of Airwolf, and just picked up a 1/32 scale die cast model of Blue Thunder.

2012.08.12, 07:10 PM
i have had a very hard time finding the hot wheels movie cars. i have the BTTF delorean and that's it.

anyone else used to have TMNT? i picked up the playmates 6" classics figures today! these are based on the 1988 cartoon look and have 34 points of articulation.


2012.08.12, 07:13 PM
i already picked up the mattel MTU classics he-man/battle cat and skeletor/panthor earlier.


2012.08.12, 07:17 PM
not sure anyone follows sdcc exclusives? they have started a TF/Gi Joe crossover for their annual exclusive from Hasbro. this year was a shockwave cobra hiss tank with repaint figures. these are very hard to get unless you like ebay market pricing which is 2-3x's retail for these. last years starscream skystriker was awsome but this one has a lot more to it than just the vehicle.

2012.08.12, 09:43 PM
Other memorable toys were a 12" Six million dollar man with a magnifying eye and and engine he lifted, you rolled his skin up on his arm and could see the bionics underneath. OH and my all time fav was an Evel Knievel wind up stunt Bike and matching dragster.

lol... i definitely remember the 6mdm... me and my brother had him... enjoyed looking though his eye, rolling up the "skin" on his arm and taking out and putting back the "bionics" into his arm... there was this button in his back that you would push to activate his arm to lift up the engine while saying..."nanananana" or whatever bionic sound you would make... hahaha...

and that evel knievel... was way to cool... you'd crank and wind up that red thingy with the white reel until that high pitched sound, and by the time, your hands and arms were hurting... i do remember that i got a wound on my hand at one point...

my brother and i would make him jump over everything... lol... that was fun... those were the days...


"I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair."
-Evel Knievel

2012.09.07, 06:55 AM
I have my ninja turtles, M16 rifle with music, one of my aunt gave it to me, and some superman toys, i miss my childhood when i see these toys , i have locked them in a box for my children.

2012.09.07, 07:18 AM
anyone follow transformers news? new masterpiece optimus prime coming to TRU! looking forward to picking up this one myself.

recently found some vintage MASK vehicles i had as a kid as well. worn to hell but still brings back lots of fond memories of simpler times.

2012.09.15, 01:01 AM
lol... i definitely remember the 6mdm... me and my brother had him... enjoyed looking though his eye, rolling up the "skin" on his arm and taking out and putting back the "bionics" into his arm... there was this button in his back that you would push to activate his arm to lift up the engine while saying..."nanananana" or whatever bionic sound you would make... hahaha...

and that evel knievel... was way to cool... you'd crank and wind up that red thingy with the white reel until that high pitched sound, and by the time, your hands and arms were hurting... i do remember that i got a wound on my hand at one point...

my brother and i would make him jump over everything... lol... that was fun... those were the days...


"I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair."
-Evel Knievel

Remember the motorcycle. Was just thinking about that the other day. The two my brother and I bought had a stiff steering wheel. Would only go a couple of feet, then flop over. We were frustrated they did not loosen up the steering wheel. Otherwise would have been killer fun. End up returning it.
Had I know what I know now, would have taken it apart and sanded down the steering. Probably just loosen the screw or something simple on the steering.

2012.09.21, 09:09 PM
I think we'd all be rich if we'd have kept
those original collections. :p Definitely miss
my blitzwing and menasor figures...

I actually went back to tf collecting after
minizs started getting ridiculously

http://imageshack.us/a/img577/3910/201209180046.th.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/577/201209180046.jpg/)


2012.09.21, 09:55 PM
Nice, TF collecting can get expensive as well. Especially with the masterpiece line. I have all of the early Takara ones. I sold off the hasbro ones some time ago but looking to get the new tru exclusive mp-10.

2012.09.28, 06:44 AM
for those TF fans,

Transformers Masterpiece Action Figure - Optimus Prime - Hasbro - Toys "R" Us Cost: $99.99
Release: October 15

they were up for pre-order briefly but the page is not found anymore. anyone get thundercracker? i understand the mold to be improved over starscream and skywarp but i've not followed the talk on the details.

2012.10.26, 03:53 PM
Wasn't interested in mp10 until Hasbro release and
the pricepoint as mp1 is clearly the better figure.

Picked one up today. Kind of disappointed with it
though even with the new pricepoint. No instructions
but if you had mp1 kinda similar.

http://imageshack.us/a/img440/3471/201210260047.th.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/440/201210260047.jpg/)

They raised it to 119.99 but should be around 99 if
you have any of the $20 off coupons (which is why
they probably raised it in the first place). Figures
come in cases of 2 with 1 case per store I believe.

They started selling only 1 per visit which I think is
pretty cool so everyone who wants one can in theory
get one. I would have bought both otherwise. :p

Thundercracker is the same mold as the new Starscream
release awhile back; I don't think you'd have trouble finding
him. Null rays are connected and they got rid of the "swords"
hip kibble at the expense of the alt mode. Either mold has
its own merits... I actually prefer the swords...


2012.10.29, 08:21 PM
how about 80s slots

2013.01.22, 01:39 PM
I follow the toy industry *very* closely and although don't collect as much as i used to i am a big fan of toys and the toy, comic book and design industries.

I've always followed GI Joe and always will through it's ups and downs. At the moment i'm really impressed with JADA Toys HALO 4 vehicle and mini figure sets. The mini figures are amazing for their size. Someone needs to build a Mini Z with a HALO shell that accommodates the Spartan drivers.

2013.01.22, 03:05 PM
I'm not the biggest fan of jada toy quality after the junk they released for initial d like what I've seen in pictures of the halo stuff. I have not seen it in person though. I wish they had done 1:18 scale as well. Perfect fit for 3.75" figures.

2013.01.23, 12:17 AM
I'm in a weird place in life with regard to 1:18th (Joe and Marvel Universe) . I will always have a soft spot for Joe and will follow the brand but i've been uninterested in most of whats been made for years. I read the comics. I follow the latest news. I just haven't bought any of the new product. I made some GI Joe ARAH purchases some time ago based upon nostalgia and , while i enjoyed them, i ended up selling them. On the other hand the mini HALO figures with almost Joe articulation ( actually mine have Joe articulation after i modified them) is just so much more...shelf friendly? Desktop friendly? The scale is half that of joe . I've never paid attention to Jada prior to these mini figure sets but at the price point ($7.99 plus tax for 2 figures and a Mongoose ATV) you cant lose. i actually paid for these in store ..something i havent done with Joe in a long time.

2013.01.23, 05:18 AM
My youngest likes the halo micro ops. I don't know what scale they are, 1:72? Where are you seein the jada stud in stores? I haven seen those yet.
Gi joe falls out of favor with me with the movie line stuff. My joes will always be those from 82-87. Picked back up with the 25th anniversary, modern edition and 30th anniversary. I skipped roc, poc and will skip the latest stuff unless I see something I really want.
I never got into marvel or Star Wars figures. Gla for that really. Toy collecting isn't cheap.

2013.01.23, 03:50 PM
ARAH spoiled me as a child. I expect every action figure to have at least the level of articulation/poseability as the 3 3/4" Joe figures. And ,really, that shouldn't be too much to ask considering those figures were made 30 years ago. The HALO micro ops aren't my cup of tea for that reason - no movement. The larger 2" figures on the other hand are deceptively poseable. You can find them at WalMart. If you end up not being able to find them lmk as I have 3extra Mongoose ATV's and one Warthog. Diecast metal btw. Great display pieces .
The figures are Mini Z scale.

The Joe movie franchise does nothing for me. I don't hate it but I don't care about it. Making a Joe movie based upon the 82-87 characters would have been a better route to take re: reinvigorating the franchise. Fans wanted to see Cobra soldiers and vipers on screen. We wanted to see Roadblock and Flint in action. What we got reminded me of Mega Force lol. I own the Joe movie though.

Marvel Universe is an incredible line if you care about the characters. I don't lol. I bought some but sold all except for 1. I buy them now solely for custom figure projects (they are great generic "hero" bodies).

How I have lived my life without being a Stat Wars fan is truly one of the great mysteries of my existence lol
All of the opportunities were there - Im in the right age range, i enjoy the toy industry and enjoy science fiction. I've never purchased a star wars figure in a store in my life. I think GI Joe ruined any hope of star wars being a favorite of mine. Ball jointed hips top T-Crotch hips every time.

I really admire urban vinyl designs. I don't own any but I like the unique take on toy art.

2013.01.23, 04:13 PM
i got into joes in 82 and left in 87 with the use of fluorescent colors, wack job characters, etc. some people love that stuff, it was just goofy for me, even as a kid.
never bought a star wars figure either. i couldn't explain it either, other than to say i had little money to spend and that went to gi joe, lego's, m.a.s.k. and transformers.
always wanted he man but never got any till the motu classics were released and then only got he-man and skeletor. i can see that being an easy line to get sucked into and at $20-30 per figure, that would not be kind to my hobby budget. there are plenty of others i would get if space and money were not an issue.

m.a.s.k. was a lot of fun while it lasted. the figures were very basic but the vehicles were cool.

i never got into the TMNT toys either despite loving the comics and cartoons. i do plan on continuing my collection of the current classics line.

comics, i was always reading comics as a kid. i have an almost complete gi joe and transformers series and lots of the early tmnt stuff. lots of other small stuff to from the time period. never really got into to much of the x-men, fantastic four, etc. i read some of the very old stuff from those lines but never really followed it. never really cared for batman superman books.

we tried to get into the halo mega blocks but those damn things are worthless. if it won't stay together, whats the point. we got some of the mcfarlen figures but they just aren't very play worthy as the articulation is so limited on most of them. its hard enough to get them to hold anything much less move them into any positions. the micro ops stuff is at least fun to play with and very detailed for the scale. very easy to pick up and store as well ;) i'll have to look for the jada stuff next time i'm out but past experience with jada toys left me regretting the money spent as they simply fell apart. the initial d stuff was just very poor quality diecast cars.

i did buy one of the captain america figures, the ww2 deco. thats about the extent of my desire for that line. never got sucked into iron man, the hulk, etc. a lot of the iron man drones i'm told are good for customs as well.

2013.01.23, 05:14 PM
Man, had i known you were a collector previously i would have offered you some of the items i parted with 2 months ago in exchange for something RC related :D Actually i still have some items i'm parting with if interested....

Whats that old saying...heroes never die..they just fade away? Thats what happened with joe and i as an early teen. Girls popped up and you know how that goes. I found better things to play with ;) I left around the time the neon Cobra Eel showed up if i recall. After that phase of life i returned to the hobby and found that the Comic Pack ARAH style figures matched up perfectly with the mythos and medium i paid attention to (comics primarily but the cartoon as well). If you haven't picked any up i'd definitely recommend the comic pack figures :| Just awesome. General Hawk and Roadblock come to mind as really well done figures in the ARAH style that look like they'd fit in perfectly with the early 80's figures.

I parted with my one and only MOTUC figure recently. He-Ro. Cool figure. Good quality. The only reason i didnt continue on with the line is due to my only collecting figure lines that are 4'' or smaller. I've seen some impressive MOTUC in 4'' scale (custom).

I hate to beat a dead horse with the Jada HALO toys but you mentioned MASK and thats exactly why i bought the HALO line. Much like Transformers Human Alliance the HALO line from Jada has figures that are poseable that fit in small scale vehicles - just like we had as kids with MASK. I enjoyed mask (i have the entire animated series) and the closest thing to it these days are Human Alliance and HALO. Although...have you heard of NASCAR Racers (Fox kids animated show turned toy line from the early 200's)? That line is pretty impressive. It's basically MASK meets NASCAR .


The new TMNT show is shockingly good. I didnt grow up interested in TMNT as a franchise but the latest show is just amazing visually. Definitely worth checking out. I'm tempted to jump into the 4'' (it's really 5'') line simply based upon the show .

2013.01.23, 06:23 PM
joes 30th line was the best for me. great articulation, awsome bunch of kit but they kept the line far to short, especially compared to the run the 25th had. my o-ring collection is still in bins. i don't have much space for storing or displaying stuff so i'm forced to keep it manageable.

for m.a.s.k., i have the red camaro still. i lost track of the big rig long ago, lost the blazer/bronco ages ago and the sand buggy is floating around in some box.

the new tmnt series is enjoyable. if i can watch and enjoy it with my kids, they are doing something right :) just the right balance of style, story and humor. i am very tempted with the nick line but i really don't have the space so i'm sticking with the classics only. otherwise i'd need another bin or display cabinet. it's great that the figures look very much like the cartoon characters, like TF prime. those to are great toy versions of show characters. i wish the G1 stuff was as show accurate as the TF prime series stuff is now.

the nascar show was a trip. it feels like a lot of the hotwheels cartoons, which there are many of... they always seem to have some series running.

what kind of custom figures do you do? i stick to custom vehicles myself, other than the gi joe flash drive figures i made. i bought tons of target clearance gi joe vehicles one summer and had a blast with the kids painting them all up in various colors, styles. i've got to many galleries (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/showgallery.php?ppuser=1001&cat=500) to name them all.

oddly enough, my kids and i also loved the original last air bender series but never recall seeing the toys in the store. the movie figures sucked, as did the movie. the new series on is interesting but just haven't been hooked on it yet. we still watch re-runs of the original series.

2013.01.24, 05:38 AM
I've been discussing recently building or purchasing a display cabinet. Your cabinet looks quite nice :) I want something similar but with a cherry stained wood and jade coloring. Did you know that the Transformers Human Alliance has vehicle / mini figure set that is an homage to M.A.S.K.?
TF Human Alliance Homage (the image is too wide to post without disrupting the reading experience)

MASK original:

The TMNT 2012 animated series really does strike the perfect balance. Again i say this as someone that has never been a fan of the franchise. The homages to old Kool Aid Man commercials and other 80's pop culture has been a nice touch. I havent purchased the figures due to the scale primarily (in addition to not being emotionally invested in the characters). if your going to claim the figures are in teh 4'' scale then make good on that claim. The only turtle that's 4'' is Michelangelo. Beautifully sculpted but bulky. it's really hard for me to get past them being larger than Joes. I've seen some joe scale TMNT figures that have been bad ass btw.

TF Prime almost sucked me in LOL! The Legends class (4'' or smaller generally) Cliffjumper has really good articulation for a small TF and the Ratchet figure has such an incredible design in the show.
http://www.seibertron.com/images/toys/files/155/r_legion-ratchet-077.jpgI picked up Cliffjumper on multiple occasions but have always put it back as i'm not sure what i would do with him by himself. I may still pick up Ratchet and customize him (add some articulation points) and simply make him a generic Autobot of some type. The aesthetic is simply to attractive to ignore. Generally speaking i'm not a huge fan of the TF toys but i do have a soft spot for the Headmasters (and Targetmasters to a lesser extent).

I dont collect Hot Wheels and have never been interested in them but i'll mention this due to the fact that your a Mini RC fan and enjoy racing - Hot Wheels produced 4 Movies based upon their "Accelracers" franchise . You mentioned that you bought Initial D items from Jada so i'll assume you've watched the anime as well. You might enjoy the Acceleracers movies. The racing is actually pretty impressive if you can see past the racing locations. Your children will probably dig it as well. I was surprised at the fact that i enjoyed it when i first saw them. The CGI is of course quite dated by now.

I customize pretty much everything but i prefer 1:18th and smaller. I mold & cast ( i have been for well over a decade now), replicate (SLS or "3D printing") and more. Right now i'm working on a project that is nearing 1.5 years in the making. ....i hope its all worth it in the end...

I also loved the original last air bender series :) It surprised me at the time as it ran contrary to most of my interest. Sure enough though i watched every episode and own the complete series as well. The Legend of Korra is...just as good. Well if the original was a 10 then Korra is an 8 or 9. Slightly less humor in my opinion. The original had characters like " The Boulder" :D

I had one of the figures from the non movie line. The figures didnt sell well from what i recall and left the shelves quickly. Short of a ball jointed elbow they were pretty much Joes :D

BTW...i was never a big fan of the Python Patrol but your custom Cobra Python Patrol Ferrari 575 GTC is sick !

2013.01.26, 05:15 PM
anyone into lego, mega blocks or kre-o? lego has been snapping up lines that look really cool but to damn expensive. i wasted money on a few halo mega blocks kits and refuse to dump any more money down that hole. never had kre-o before so not sure what those are like. not really interested in kre-o transformers but the new gi joe line looks fun. my kids love the lego star wars stuff but way to expensive. i really like the looks of the tmnt lego stuff but again, so darn expensive.

2014.05.31, 05:19 PM
any other brick fans out there? Lego is finally doing The Simpsons! i have not deciphered the bump codes to pick up the blind bags but i did manage to pick up the Simpsons House (http://shop.lego.com/en-US/The-Simpsons-House-71006) for a steal on Amazon after a bunch of rewards points finally came through! otherwise, no way on earth i would spend that kind of money on a Lego kit.

back to Transformers, Hasbro re-release of Masterpiece Gimlock, renumbered as MP-03, has finally hit the TRU shelves. having missed out on the 1st release, i wasn't going to miss out on the 2nd. these things cost a fortune once out of production. the list price was $60 at toy shows but store prices all vary. my local TRU has them at $70 and some have reported listed as much as $92. If you were on the fence or missed him the first go around, don't make the mistake again ;) Masterpiece Sunstorm and Prowl are supposed to be released some time this year as well. i don't really care for the 2nd tier seekers so skipped Acidstorm and will skip Sunstorm. I already got the Takara version of Prowl and KO Red Alert. also waiting for the Takara Wheeljack and Bumble Bee!

2014.05.31, 11:22 PM
Always loved Lego. Still have all of my Lego from years gone by and get a little more now and then. I don't like themed Lego that much but do have the Williams BMW F1 car and the 42009 Crane kit. I prefer straight technical Lego.

I also quite like my Brickgun kits but don't think Lego really approves of them.

2014.06.01, 08:43 AM
i have a couple of the Lego Technic sets myself, 8865, 5510, 5540, 5580. i just need to inventory all the missing parts and find a Lego shop to buy them.

2014.06.07, 04:22 AM
I have a lego shop near me if you want me to pick up any parts for you.

2014.06.07, 08:52 AM
i'll try to get the parts list together to see what you can find, thanks.

2014.08.21, 11:28 AM
stopped at the brick store at legoland, what a disappointment. the lego store in disney downtown was better stocked than lego's own thempark. :(

2014.08.21, 11:32 AM
i picked up the full set of the star wars Cars characters. you have to go to a couple parks to get them all but your best shot is disney Hollywood park. you can order them over the phone as well but no fun in that.

i also picked up the SDCC 2014 TF kreon class of 84 set and dinobot box set. nothing realy exclusive to GI Joe this year so saved some money this time around.